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I know I’m not alone in feeling a tingle of excitement when sashaying up to the saloon and ordering me a Sazarac. Cocktail culture is quickly overcoming the food craze and with it emerges creative connoisseurs taking us along for the ride. These masterminds of mixology deserve, not only our respect, but our undivided attention! In every city in the world, bars are popping up and we are lucky enough to be riding the wave. Listen and learn!


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Alfonso Califano, The Walrus Room, London


The mix of Alfonso Califano’s over-the-top enthusiasm and his inherent Italian hospitality is drawing them south of the river, before you can even say Alice in Wonderland. With his partner-in-cocktails, Simone de Luca, Bombay Sapphire […]

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The Nordic Alliance, Cocktails in the City, London


At this year’s Cocktails in the City, one of London’s premier cocktail events, Andrew Scutts, its founder, thought it was hygge time. Nordic TV, food, culture have fascinated us since Sarah Lund put on that woolly jumper. Our four guests this week each took five minutes out of their busy CITC schedule to talk to us about their city-changing bar. […]

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Leon Dalloway, The Gin Boss, Gin Journey, UK


Leon’s father might have tried to steer him away from a life of teaching, but it’s a role he found he couldn’t avoid. The Gin Journey combines his passion for storytelling and his favorite tipple. While winding through the streets of London, stopping at gin joints to sip Southsides, Leon amuses us with gin-related historical sound bites. […]

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