A Bit of Thailand: Chiang Mai’s Nimmanhemin

Jump into a tuk-tuk and all you have to do is say Nimman. The driver will transport you to one of the hippest streets in Chiang Mai. Officially Nimmanhemin, everyone just calls this trendy thoroughfare by its shortened form: Nimman.

Steps away from the bustling university, Nimmam can’t help but be the groovy, hipster center of the second city of Thailand. Chiang Mai may be mostly known for its temples and treks, but stay in town a few days and you can discover more than just Khao Soi and Monk Chat.
Here are my Best Bits of this happening part of town:

If you find it hard to break yourself away from the olde world, spend the morning wandering around the Lanna Traditional House Museum […]

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Alix Nardella – Mr. Black, UK Brand Ambassador

The fact they are both from Australia has nothing to do with how Alix Nardella, our guest today, feels for Mr. Black. Her first love may have been whisky but now she only has eyes for this smooth and sexy coffee liqueur.


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London Guide alla Intercontinental Hotels – Affiliate Bit

I work with the Intercontinental Brand quite often and I have never been disappointed. When they asked me to collaborate by posting their travel guide of London on my site, I was more than happy to share.  
It’s a great guide and I hope you come back to use it often!

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Vincenzo Sibilia – Barts, London

Was it the flair, the fans, the fame – a mixture of all three – that made our guest today watch Tom Cruise in Cocktail and say “I want to do that”? Yes…and Vincenzo Sibilia is wowing them in Chelsea’s only speakeasy, but you need to know the password to see him in action.

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Tiago Serrão – Galvin at Windows, Hilton Park Lane, London

From a family full of fisherman comes our next guest, Tiago Serrão. His rapid rise from Bar-back to Bar Manager shows an innate knack for, not only conceiving creative cocktails, but also, chatting up the customers.

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A Bit of Qatar: Two Days in Doha

Finally I was heading to the other boot! Most of my life, both feet have been firmly planted in Italy, but, at the end of last year, I was given the opportunity to try on the other boot for the first time – the Arabian Peninsula.

Three nights in Doha was the top prize at a blogger event I attended and, lo and behold, I was the winner, all thanks to the generosity of Qatar Airways and the Qatar Tourism Board. Running through Abu Dhabi and Dubai airports heading to Bangkok or the Seychelles totalled my experience in this part of the world. This time, I would be stopping to smell the camels.

Tiny Qatar, with only three million people, is the richest country in the world with […]

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