Best Bits London – Soho Seen Through New Eyes

Best Bits London – Soho Seen Through New Eyes
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It amazes me how people can see the world so differently. When you pick up a camera or iPhone, your eye sets the stage and what you see on the screen can be world’s apart from what someone else might see. When travelling together, I rely on the Cypriot to take the photos. He is an architect by trade and has an innate ability to get the perfect shot. When I travel alone, I do the best I can but that just is not good enough anymore.

Thus, I jumped at the chance to take the “Remarkably Uncommon Lesson in Mobile Travel Photography with Dan Rubin that the Leading Hotels of the World was hosting at the Hotel Café Royal in Soho. Not only is Dan Rubin, the editor-at-large of the Photographic Journal, but he’s an instagram wunderkind with over 730,000 followers.  

LHW Class_13

I was intrigued to see if I could learn anything at all. Would my photos change immediately? A professional is called a professional for a reason. Yet, Dan had taught me to seek out the smaller and more interesting bits that I would have missed, had I not taken the time. It wasn’t a picture of a place that seemed important now, but finding the magic in the place itself. 

After Dan spoke, we were invited into the glorious Empire Suite to have a go at it ourselves. We were encouraged to look beyond what we thought we could see and use our eyes to capture what might have been missed by our fleeting first glance.

Something as simple as a bag:

LHW Class_14

Catching another student looking like a greek goddess, all in white:

LHW Class_11

The magnificent winged lions protecting the room from intruders:

LHW Class_12

We then hit the streets of London’s Soho, busy preparing for the Saturday ahead. Looking up I noticed Shakespeare peeking out of the window:

LHW Class_9

The lovely daisies on sale at Liberty:

LHW Class_8

A hand pointing to the shop where every monster stocks up:

LHW Class_6

The power source that keeps Soho going until the wee hours of the night:

LHW Class_3

How lovely a bicycle can look propped against a pole:

LHW Class_5

The works of EndLess the Artist free for all to consume:

LHW Class_2

A door beckoning us into an art gallery:

LHW Class_1

A few folks gearing up for the Gay Pride Day Parade:

LHW Class_4

Then the beauty of the sky above the Hotel Café Royal, showed itself as we entered and headed back to the Empire Suite to toast to our soon-to-be instagram super status!

LHW Class

NB: I was the guest of Leading Hotels of the World.





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