2015 Resolution #1 – Bucket Lists No More!

2015 Resolution #1 – Bucket Lists No More!

Robin Roberts has got it going! My first resolution of 2015 is to live by her very wise words:

“Forget the term ‘bucket list.’ Because that means you think you’re on the way out. Just make a list, call it your ‘do’ list, and then go and do those things. Now.”

Not everyone feels that urgency to live like Robin does. They think that kicking the bucket time is far off into the future. For those who suffer great illness and survive, phrases like “bucket list”, “I’m dying to”, “I feel dead tired” slip out of your vocabulary and words such as “GO”, “DO”, “NOW” replace them.

Let’s start going, doing and nowing as much as is humanly possible.  Best Bits Worldwide has taken this onboard and is planning to expand and grow so that we can offer you even more this year!

Best Bits London

We will be reporting on what’s happening here in this amazing city we live – London.  Joining me will be Guest Editor Helen Bagnall, co-founder of Salon London which was voted No 6 on the GQ list of the best 100 things to do in the world! That’s IN THE WORLD!!  Helen and I will be on hand to share our thoughts on the coolest Bits our home has to offer.

Best Bits Shopping

Bringing a souvenir home from whence you visited is a major part of the travel experience. I will not only continue to direct you to the Best Bits anywhere I visit, but now I will have an on-line shop to call my own! There will be the unmissable Bits you can take home with just a click of the mouse!

Best Bits More More More

More Guest Bits, more City Primers, more Bits of Paradise and more and more posts! Wherever I go, you will hear about it! Everything and more of what you have come to expect in the past year.

So until next week I leave you with our new motto:

Paris Metro, France

1 thought on “2015 Resolution #1 – Bucket Lists No More!”

  • I’m not a fan of the phrase “bucket list” either. That being said, I love your plans for 2015, and I can’t wait to follow along!

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