Two days?? Is it possible to get the flavor of two towns in France in only two days? Can I get a Oui Bien Sur up in here?* If you follow my two-word suggestions below, you’ll have time to taste the food France is known for, tour adorable Renaissance towns, and sample a few of the many things Chambéry and Annecy made famous, including secret passageways, trompe-oeil-ed cathedrals, vermouth-stirred cocktails, and truffles au chocolat.

Catch an early flight to Geneva and get off the plane ready to have lunch. In less than an hour, you can be sitting at the Auberge di Pere Bise sipping Rosé Champagne on the terrace overlooking Lake Annecy. Bliss, total bliss.

For the next few hours, I went on a roller-coaster ride of […]