A luxurious stay off the beaten path in Venice

Once upon a time, the sestiere (quarter) of Canareggio was considered off the beaten path in Venice. Tourists trudged back and forth from the train station down the Strada Nova to St. Mark’s Square and back. If the masses did find themselves in this part of town, it was usually to visit the Jewish ghetto for an hour and then return back to the Rialto as quickly as they came.

The trifecta of San Mark’s Square, St. Mark’s Church and Doge’s Palace do pack a punch and there is nothing bad about sitting at Florian sipping a cappuccino while an orchestra plays Volare, but how nice to make your home in one of the prettiest hotels far from the madding crowd.

Hearing the constant complaint that Venice […]

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The Art of Seeing

“I don’t want to spend part of my holiday standing in front of a painting!” Having spent practically my entire college career studying art from the world’s great scholars, A little part of me died when my dinner partner uttered those words last week.

Then I took a deep breath and realized maybe he was right. Why stand in line at the Louvre, then fight the crowds to get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa  – when you could see it stress free online?

Even David Sedaris, the humorist, author and New Yorker contributor, whom I adore, said: “(The Louvre) just doesn’t interest me. I mean, I think so many people come here, and they feel like they have to do certain things because somebody told them […]

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A Bit of Venice: My Favorite Cicchetti Bars

Venice gets an undeservedly bad rap when it comes to food. Punters shepherd hungry tourists into trattorie along the Grand Canal, serving up the ubiquitous menu turistico of pizza and spaghetti with meatballs.  With just a little bit of extra planning, the best cicchetti in Venice is really right around the next corner.

Bacari are now where you can find some of the best local food.  These are the traditional wine bars that serve Venice cicchetti, the much talked about food of the moment. Cicchetti are best described as Venetian tapas: bite-sized bits of baccalà  (cod puree) smeared toast, deep-fried olives, tooth-picked pickled onions and anchovies, croquettes, etc.  Wash these down with the local wine, prosecco or Aperol spritz and you have yourself a delicious Venetian […]

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Venice Itinerary for the First Timer

Venice, Venezia, La Serennissima…everyone knows its name…it’s been dreamt of, written about, extolled, lauded, hated (by few) and now it’s your turn to experience it with a little help from my Venice Itinerary for the first timer.

A few rules and then you are on your way:

It is completely and utterly touristy.  It has been that way since the Renaissance.  Revel in it.
It is hot, crowded and sometimes smells. The water is very old and cleaning up dog poo is not a priority but if that’s all you see and smell then you have no heart and you should head out to Singapore instead.
Avoid any restaurant that has a menu turistico sign outside – you can find […]

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A Bit of Italy: Venice Revisited

Gosh darn, I love Venice!  It is the most enjoyable place to discover new bits.  All the hustle and bustle of a big city but no traffic, no noise, great food….the list goes on.  I could be there a month and not do everything I want….this time it was a week with the girls.  Our apartment was fabulous – I totally recommend Views on Venice!


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A Bit of Italy: Venice Shops

Most of you know that I am always in Venice – so I have a set list of places to shop and eat.  If you want that, then email me because this list is something completely different.  Usually I am showing people around so I never have time to explore the bits I haven’t see in awhile.  I got a chance to do just that on my last trip.  I had a day and half to run around like crazy, happening upon never-noticed shops that were both far away from St. Marks Square and close. If it’s your first time in Venice, try and make time for these as they are run by Venetians and have Venetian made products – unlike some of the things you find in the more touristy spots which are made in India and China.


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