A Bit of Belgium: De Loop van Ghent – What to do on a Sunday in Ghent

Sundays are sacred in Ghent. Most of the shops are closed and students go home to have lunch with their parents. Still in a city as vibrant as this, of course, you don’t need shops or students to have a fantastic day and find loads to do on a Sunday in Ghent.

Unknowingly, the Cypriot and I discovered a great way to spend the day without any FOMO (fyi, a state of mental or emotional strain caused by the Fear Of Missing Out.) I don’t know how many of you read my post Le Loop de Paris. Read it. Then you will discover the walking tour that the Cypriot and I do when we only have one day in Paris. I believe we have now found […]

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How to make your grandmother’s liqueur into a modern-day cocktail!

Jereon’s grandmother came up with a plan – keep making elderflower liqueur and no one in her family could stay away. Needless to say it worked, worked so well that her grandson took up the helm and made all of Belgium want it as well.

Little by little, RoomeR has grown from a small cottage industry, selling 200 bottles a month, to now producing over 100,000 bottles a year. Not only does it tastes delicious, but it couldn’t be prettier. Pure white elderflower petals dance around in the golden liqueur within its iconic, test-tube like bottle!

Jereon and his partner, Tine, have worked hard to make RoomeR a socially responsible workplace, employing those who might not be able to work otherwise. They are dedicated to making […]

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Beer, frites & so many other things to do in Ghent

A trip to any city in Flanders can be used as an excuse to drink your fair share of Belgian beer and devour up loads of Frites. I can’t deny I was off the Eurostar and in line for my first fried potato & Leffe beer in a heartbeat. I would be a fool to try and steer you away from this ritual, but I don’t think I need to tell you that there are a few other things to do in Ghent.

If you judged this city by its outward, ye olde appearance, you would be forgiven if unaware of its history as one of the great industrial hubs of Europe, twice. In 940, Ghent was the busiest place on earth, the central market for […]

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How to bring a ’70s cocktail back to the future!

It worked for our guest today, but I don’t recommend it unless of course you are as talented as he. Missing deadlines, ignoring briefs, but using his quick wits and competitive spirit, Michael Mann has rightfully garnered the title UK Brand Ambassador of Bols Genever and Galliano.   

We are also joined by Jess Mili, who didn’t miss deadlines, read her brief, and went on to beat 2,000 entrants from 75 countries, grabbing the title of Bols Around the World Champion. It was great to catch her in London as her year begins representing Lucas Bols around the world.

Genever, the precursor to Gin, is sampled in bars all over the Netherlands. Little shots of potent juniper-flavored spirit served morning, noon and night. It’s been around since […]

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Learn how to make the best summer cocktail of the season!

Have you been on holiday and want to bring a bit of that sunshine home with you?  On my last trip to Menorca, I met our guest today, Maria Teixidor, at the distillery of Gin Xoriguer in the capital city of Mahon. We discussed the history of gin on the island and how the Pomada became their go-to summer cocktail.

The Spanish drink more gin than anyone in the world. Yes, more than the British. They may have brought it with them in the 1700s, but the Menorcans have claimed it as their own. Mahon gin has been on the menu since that time and the Pomada is the drink of choice.

Gin Xoriguer, in its iconic bottle, is seen (and sipped) all over the world, on […]

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Best Bits London – Summer Cocktails 2017!

Not all of us are lucky enough to sip a Pomada in a cave overlooking the Mediterranean on Menorca. Some of us live in London, but we can bring a little of that Southern European sentiment into our daily lives with just a sip of these summer cocktails.

To celebrate the one year anniversary of my podcast, Best Sips Worldwide, I give you one of my favorite posts of the year – the Best Sips this aestival season.

1. I had to begin with a cocktail off the recently launched, brand-new menu from Andy, Elliott and Olly of The Cocktail Trading Company (my first ever podcast!). Both beautiful looking and tasting, with ingredients such as Tapatio Blanco Tequila, habanero-apricot sherbet, and spiced corn orchata, we’ll all be […]

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