48 Hours in Nuremberg, Germany

What city actually has a sausage that is so sacred that it is protected under EU law? Nuremberg, Germany! I was spending 48 hours in Nuremberg and, of course, the goal was to sample as many of these sacred sausages as we could. Whilst in between this sausage sampling, we visited one of the most important cities in Germany.

Nuremberg, a city that was mentioned in history books in the year 1050 AD, makes the perfect weekend getaway from London. Fewer than two hours from London, a short hop on the UBAHN and you are in the walled city that brought you Albrecht Dürer, toys, eyeliner, Rotbier and Lebkucken, in addition to its sausages,

An independent state until the 19th century, Nuremberg was always at the forefront […]

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A Bit of Germany: Hamburg

An afternoon is all I need to get in there and find stuff!  It was a gorgeous sunny day – perfect for exploring Germany’s second biggest city.  Boy, do they know how to shop.  Arcade after arcade of known brands mixing with quirky home-grown ones.

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