Bite-Sized Bits of Mykonos, Greece

“Mykonos Greece” – two words synonymous with “party island” – deserves its reputation. It’s truly the New York City of the Med – the island that never sleeps, open all night, and always ready for a good time. Still, those seeking refuge from all, can find peace on this tiny dot in the middle of the Cyclades. It’s all things to all people and that’s why they keep returning. I could do without the wind & coldish water, but something about this one, out of all the islands, keeps calling me back. Here are a few of the reasons why:

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A Bit of Paradise: Hotel Grande Bretagne, Athens

I never understand those who proclaim that it doesn’t matter what a hotel room is like when you’re traveling as you hardly spend any time there.  I believe the exact opposite – I might be out all day ruin exploring, mountain trekking, or ocean diving, but when I return I want my home away from home to be just that – a haven.

I know that boutique hotels are all the rage and I have been known to stay at many of them, but there is something so special about stepping into a historic European hotel. The Gritti in Venice, the Ritz in Madrid, Claridges in London, The Bayerische Hof in Munich, The El Tovar at the Grand Canyon – all of these bring me back to […]

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A Bit of Greece: Top 10 Best Bits – Sifnos

Holidays to Greece can take many different forms – partying in Mykonos, sailing the Aegean, hob-nobing in Hydra but there is only one island where everyone goes specifically to eat: Sifnos.  The father of Greek cooking, Nikos Tselementes, was born and bred here and, although he may not be famous to the outsider, every Greek has a copy of his book Odigos Mageirikis somewhere in the house.  Published in 1910, it remains the go-to for every Greek chef.   A pilgrimage to Sifnos is a must for the perfect Greek Salad seeker in all of us!

We had really heard very little about Sifnos before booking our holiday in Greece. There really is not that much written about this tiny island, which is exactly what attracted us to Sifnos in […]

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