Best Bits of Mykonos, Greece

Mykonos Windmills

“Mykonos Greece” – two words synonymous with “party island” – deserves its reputation. It’s truly the New York City of the Med – the island that never sleeps, open all night, and always ready for a good time. Still, those seeking refuge from all, can find peace on this tiny dot in the middle of the Cyclades.

Mykonos Windmills
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 It’s all things to all people and that’s why they keep returning. I could do without the wind & coldish water, but something about this one, out of all the islands, keeps calling me back. Here are a few of the reasons why:

Bed…In town: Mykonos Theoxenia, hidden from view but right in town, no waiting for taxis, a glorious pool, it’s the only one for me; Beachfront: The Santa Marina, right on Ornos Bay, sister hotel to the Hotel Grande Bretagne in Athens and we know how I feel about that (read here)!

Bite…Liasti – the best restaurant on Mykonos hands-down on little Lia Beach, Chef George Venieris, one of the founders of New Greek Cuisine, set up here and we are luckier for it. Don’t worry – you’ll get all your favorites – just so much better! Venture out to this quiet beach and this is how you will be rewarded:

In town: To Maereio is worth the long wait – sit at the tiny bar with an Ouzo and sooner or later your name will be called, I promise!; Koursaros makes a great Spaghetti Lobster, the Cypriots’s dish of choice; Souvlaki – the national dish – Pepper Souvlaki does the nation proud.

Brew…Needless to say, there is no place that doesn’t serve a great mojito – you just have to decide where you want to sit to enjoy the view. I am mad about the beach bars. Five o’clock arrives and everyone is ready to party –  head to Bar Alemagou on Ftelia Beach & Kalua on Paraga Beach.

Binge…Louis Vuitton, Tommy Hilfiger, Ilias Lalalounis have all settled in Mykonos, luxury stores abound. Very few places in Mykonos carry traditional Greek products, but I found a few. – for lovely hand-woven scarves; Salachas – Joseph & Nicolas Salachas have been dressing Mykonos since 1935 – pop in – they have adorable things especially for kids;

Bathe…There is a beach for everyone, so sample them all – a quick guide: want to be alone – Lia Beach & Panormos; want to be with others & music pounding from 3pm: Paraga; want to be with others, music pounding & a view of yachts: Psarrou

Breathe…if you can’t breathe on a Greek Island then something is all wrong.

Bolt…Easyjet & British Airways fly directly from London! Get on and three hours later – Greek salad for lunch. Make sure to have your hotel pick you up as the taxis are few and far between!

Best Bits: Travel Cheat Sheet for Mykonos, Greece

  • Bed: Mykonos Theoxenia84600 Kato Mili, Tel: +30 22890 22230Santa Marina Hotel, Ornos Bay, Mykonos, Tel: 30-22890-23220
  • Bite: Liasti, Lia Beach; To Maereio, Kalogera 16, Chora; Koursaros, Meletopoulou Square, Chora; Pepper Souvlaki, Kouzi Georgouli 18, Chora
  • Brew: Bar Alemagou on Ftelia Beach & Kalua on Paraga Beach.
  • Binge:, 1, Venetias Str., Mikri Venetia, Chora; Salachas, Kouzi Georgouli Street, Chora; Dida Designs, 13B Inglesi Street, Chora

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    Mykonos is also on my travel bucket list! Geez, seeing the wonderful pictures makes me want to book a ticket now.

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