A Bit of Grenada: Chocolate Festival 2016

From May 13 – 22, one island in the Caribbean is going mad for chocolate. Almost exactly a year ago, I was lucky enough to be toasting my birthday, not with champagne, but with hot chocolate on Grenada, the Spice Island. They’re doing it all again this year:

(Can you spot me?)
Sadly I can’t be there as I am celebrating the fateful day in Rome, but I wanted to revisit my experience last year for any readers who might be heading to one of my favorite places on earth.

Anyone talking about Fine Chocolate goes on about “Bean to Bar” – the Grand Cru of chocolate. Most of the estates below go that one step further and can say with pride that the chocolate they produce is […]

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A Bit of Grenada: The Chocolate Festival

Like most of you, I was perfectly content just popping an off-the-shelf choccie (Hershey’s Kiss) into my mouth, without a thought to what was in it, where it was made, or how it came to be in that familiar silver foil. After attending the Grenada Chocolate Festival, I’m like an addict now, looking only for the pure stuff. Of course, there will always be a Reece’s Peanut Butter cup in my future but now my palate is much more aware of the difference.

Why the Spice Island as home for a Chocolate Festival, asks the ill-informed Hershey nibbler? Since the 1800’s, Grenada has played a part in the cocoa business. Now, with the Belmont Estate, the Grenada Chocolate Company, the Diamond Chocolate Company and Crayfish Bay Organic […]

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A Bit of Grenada – Top 10 Best Bits

Upon arrival at the airport, I was met by ladies bearing chocolate…I dare you to beat that. My first Caribbean Island and I couldn’t think of a better place to begin my adventure than Grenada. The country is filled with spirit; you see it driving down every road. Citizens compete to show off their patriotism using the colors of Grenada’s flag: red, green and yellow. Their excitement at having you as their guest is palpable. Although I was here only a week, I was made to feel like a local. I truly cannot wait to go back.
Here are my top 10 Best Grenadine Bits:

1. True Blue Bay
Russ and Magdalena Fielden, the owners of True Blue Bay, have managed to forge that perfect combination of the authentic and the luxurious […]

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