A Bit of Belgium: De Loop van Ghent – What to do on a Sunday in Ghent

Sundays are sacred in Ghent. Most of the shops are closed and students go home to have lunch with their parents. Still in a city as vibrant as this, of course, you don’t need shops or students to have a fantastic day and find loads to do on a Sunday in Ghent.

Unknowingly, the Cypriot and I discovered a great way to spend the day without any FOMO (fyi, a state of mental or emotional strain caused by the Fear Of Missing Out.) I don’t know how many of you read my post Le Loop de Paris. Read it. Then you will discover the walking tour that the Cypriot and I do when we only have one day in Paris. I believe we have now found […]

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Beer, frites & so many other things to do in Ghent

A trip to any city in Flanders can be used as an excuse to drink your fair share of Belgian beer and devour up loads of Frites. I can’t deny I was off the Eurostar and in line for my first fried potato & Leffe beer in a heartbeat. I would be a fool to try and steer you away from this ritual, but I don’t think I need to tell you that there are a few other things to do in Ghent.

If you judged this city by its outward, ye olde appearance, you would be forgiven if unaware of its history as one of the great industrial hubs of Europe, twice. In 940, Ghent was the busiest place on earth, the central market for […]

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A Bit of Belgium: Antwerp

(these are all the different Frites sauces – not just ketchup for the Belgians!)
Was planning to go to Paris for the sales but was diverted to Antwerp instead.  Home of Rubens, Dries Van Notes and frites – ok by me!  Invited a few other shoppers along and a girl’s weekend was born.  Hopped an empty Eurostar to Brussels and then a connecting train to Antwerp – total of 3 hours to a different world.  There were a load of great finds and some memorable eats.  The sleeps were not so great – tried two as one friend had not checked res confirmation and we were booted out after a night.  Must admit that frites were not up to my high expectations…but that did not stop […]

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