A Bit of Portugal: Four Seasons Fairways in luxurious Quinta do Lago

Everyone throughout history has wanted the Algarve – from the Phoenicians to the Romans, the Visigoths, the Moors, the Spanish up to the modern day slicer, aka golfer!

In my opinion, there are three reasons why this tiny bit of the world was so attractive. Geography is one! The Southern most region of Portugal’s coastline is almost entirely accessible. The climate – how can you beat an average of 25 C or 77 F in winter?

The last reason has to be Four Seasons Fairways, one of my Bits of Perfection. For those who came to Quinta do Lago before it was open, you had the misfortune to have to stay somewhere else, but we who live now get to stay here, and often!

During my short stay, I began […]

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2 Days in Porto

Why have I never been to Porto before? It has to be one of the great European cities – it’s home to Port – the drink, the food is fab, there’s tons to do and a river runs through it. Although the second largest city in Portugal, Porto feels like a small town and 2 days in porto are perfect to get the feel of it!  Don’t be fooled by the lull of the placid Douro River as it meanders through town. Almost around the corner, lies the rough Atlantic Ocean that saw much activity in Porto’s early days when the Portuguese began conquering the unknown (to them) world.

Porto, these days, draws them in with its UNESCO protected historical center filled with cafes, museums, and […]

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Traditional Portuguese Food in Guimarães and Braga

You mention Portuguese food to foreigners and they either look at you quizzically or mention the ubiquitous custard tarts. Unlike its Mediterranean neighbors, France, Italy and Spain, traditional Portuguese food can’t be summed up in one word, like croissant, pasta, or tapas!

I know that is simplifying the great cuisines of the world into one word but, I don’t think I could name a dish that was iconic to one of the oldest countries in the world, until my first taste of Portuguese cuisine in Braga. This trip to Northern Portugal opened my eyes to, not only the flavors of the region, but also the history of the dishes, thus introducing me to Portugal herself. Even a day trip from Porto to Braga and Guimarães can […]

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Things to do in Braga Portugal

As the seat of power for the Archbishop representing the Kingdom of Spain & Portugal in the Vatican, Braga reigned as one of the oldest, most powerful cities in the Europe from medieval times through to the late 1800s. You’ll find loads of things to do in Braga, even if the Archbishop no longer resides here! It’s one on the must-visits in Portugal and an easy drive from Porto!

The heyday of building was in the Baroque era so if you love Baroque architecture, you’ll be thrilled. Full of fountains, parks and, peculiar to Portugal, multi-colored tiled houses, Braga is a feast for the eyes. The cathedral began construction in 1089 making it so old that the Portuguese describe anyone or anything ancient as “é mais velho que […]

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