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10 Best Bits of Porto


Why have I never been to Porto before? It has to be one of the great European cities – it’s home to Port – the drink, the food is fab, there’s tons to do and a river runs through it. Although the second largest city in Portugal, Porto feels like a small town and 2 days in Porto are perfect to get the feel of it!


Don’t be fooled by the lull of the placid Douro River as it meanders through town. Almost around the corner, lies the rough Atlantic Ocean that saw much activity in Porto’s early days when the Portuguese began conquering the unknown (to them) world.

Porto, these days, draws them in with its UNESCO protected historical center filled with cafes, museums, and views to die for. So get on your Gucci sneakers as there is loads to do in 2 days in Porto.

Drink Port

Home to the UK’s after-dinner beverage choice, bar none! Wearing my Lush Life hat, I just had to pick drink Port as the best thing to do if you have 2 days in Porto. Grab a cab and head over to Gaia, the other side of the Douro River, to tour Taylor’s Distillery and have a tasting. Don’t just hit one of them – visit Graham’s for lunch on their terrace and Espaço Porto Cruz for dinner for an amazing view of the Bishop’s Palace.

Meander through Lello & Brothers

It has to be on the list. Not to be missed – the famed Lello & Brothers bookstore, where JK Rowling might or might not have conceived Harry Potter! Let’s remember, Lello & Brothers was considered one of the world’s great bookstores 110 years before Dolores Jane Umbridge “Hem-Hemed.” Invariably a line forms outside the door that will have you muttering, “no way am I going to wait for that!” J

ust buy the €5 ticket and join the queue. You can deduct the €5 from any purchase. Our guide said that modern Portuguese authors in translation are the #1 choice for visitors to buy – 5000 books are sold a week! Truly a wonder of Art Nouveau design, the library swells and heaves with the weight of so many people. If you look closely, you realize the entire place is made out of concrete not wood, even the gargoyles, which may or may not have inspired a certain English author.

Stroll down the Cais de Ribeira

Stroll down the Cais de Ribeira – the charming riverside promenade full of Porto restaurants and cafes. Pick one, order lunch, and whittle away the hours as lunch turns into cocktail time. I suggest the marvelous Fish Fixe. We had a tapas of their delicacies, sampling some of the best seafood this side of the ocean.

Take a photo of Ponte Luís I

While dining on all the freshest of Porto seafood at Fish Fixe, it’s hard not to miss the Ponte Luís I. Does it remind you of another European city’s masterpiece? You would not be wrong if you guessed the Eiffel Tower! Opened to 1886 to much fanfare, the Ponte was designed by a student of the famed Gustave and links Porto with Gaia, home to all the port distilleries.

Tour the Palácio da Bolsa

After gazing at the bridge with your tummy sated, head up to town and take a tour of the Palácio da Bolsa (the Stock Exchange). Several architects were on hand to create this Neoclassical homage to the art of moneymaking, but the one to remember is Gustavo Adolfo Gonçalves e Sousa.

Although almost all the rooms are spectacular, the so-called Arab Room is the one that draws them in and we have Gonçalves e Sousa to thank for it. Built between 1862 and 1880 in the Moorish Revival style, its description is “over-the-top”. Look closely and you will see that it is also made of concrete – the fashion around town, just like Lello & Brothers!

Take a train from São Bento Railway Station

Rush, rush, rush. No one ever really pays attention to a train station, as you are just trying to get your train. There are a few that people visit on purpose– Grand Central in New York, Saint Pancras in London and São Bento Railway Station in Porto. The interior is covered in the painted blue and white tiles that were are so popular throughout all of Portugal. These depict themes of travel, landscapes and, battle scenes where, of course, Portugal kicked ass!

Listen to music at Casa da Música

It’s meant to look like a meteor that has plopped right down in the center of Porto. At least, that’s what Rem Koolhass was going for in his design for the new Casa da Música. Inside it’s a wonder of acoustics with tiger stripes, gold walls and rippling glass to make the music sound absolutely WOW. Opening in 2005, even 10 years down the line, it’s considered cutting edge.

Explore the Fundação de Serralves & Museu de Arte Contemporânea

Make sure you head here in the afternoon, the quiet, the walks, the art…all make for the perfect after lunch activity. One of the best Porto Museums, explore not just the Museum of Contemporary Art, designed by Álvaro Siza, but also the fabulously pink Art Deco Serralves Villas set within manicured gardens. Spend a few hours just wandering around and then head to town for a White Port & Tonic.

Cruise the Douro River

A great way to see a city with water is by getting on that water. We spent a morning with FeelDouro exploring the banks of the Douro, Port’s lovely river. With the sun shining and a nibble of the homemade cake and sip of Clã Moscatel Douro – it was the best part of the day.

Drive to The Atlantic

We were picked up by Classico Porto‘s classic cars and driven past Foz, a sweet village right outside the city centre, to get to ocean. It’s only a short ten minutes, but it feels as if you are on the tip of the world. Opening the window of my Ford, I felt the memories of summers in the Vineyard smack me in the face. So different from the Med, the Atlantic is all salty, fishy, and oystery. Maybe Vasco da Gama felt the same way as he headed into waters unchartered.

Stay in one of Porto’s Luxury Hotels

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I was the guest of the Porto & Northern Portugal Tourism Board. To learn more the area, visit their website.

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