A Bit of Vietnam: Things to do in Hue

On to Hue, where there are really not very many shops, well, to tell you the truth, it was so hot there that all we did when we had a moment was sit at the pool. Still when you get off your bums there are loads of things to do in Hue.

The thing about Hue is that on all of the town maps it looks like it is really small when in reality it is quite large.  Most of the nice hotels are outside of Hue central, so it takes awhile to get into town.  We did not explore it as well as we should and I am sure there are loads of interesting/fun/fab secrets to be found.

One thing we did that I recommend to […]

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Fun Things to Do in Hoi An, Vietnam

The first thing I can say about Hoi An is that you need a week to properly do everything! Ok, you don’t have a week, then you should leave at least three days. Not only is Hoi An a delightful city to walk around during the day especially since there are no cars allowed, but at night it is a dream. It is the home of Chinese lanterns and at night they are lit up and it is just magical.

They say it is the city to have clothes made and copied. We did this in Hanoi so I can’t recommend where to go. I did buy some silk at Yaly because they had the prettiest colors and best selection.

The streets are lined with shops and […]

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A Bit of Vietnam: Shopping Ho Chi Minh City

Now in south Vietnam where the food is supposed to be the best! The shopping rocks as well.  We were only there for one and a half days but we managed to do some damage – shopping saigon style.

FYI: Crossing the street is a bit easier here than in Hanoi as there are more traffic lights but the shopping is more intense.

Ben Thanh Market covers about six square blocks and it is filled to the brim with goodies – legal and not: get a fake Hermes watch for $40 or Chanel scrunchies or Chinese silk or Vietnamese spices or sit down for a Pho. It is a wonderland of stuff and can take either a few minutes or a few hours to get through it […]

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A Bit of Vietnam: Shopping in Hanoi

It is really easy to get around Hanoi – except for crossing the street for which you must look both ways and then jump right in. The street signs are well marked and, since the Vietnamese use a Roman alphabet, it is easy to show a cab driver where you want to go by writing it down in a piece of paper and showing him/her. While, shopping in Hanoi  – these are some specialties you might find: lacquer ware, embroidery, handmade clothes and artefacts.

We started in the Old Quarter, guided by our friends Lizzie and Drew who live there! Once here, you can walk to all of these. You can haggle in most of the open stores, but the following have fixed prices.
156 Hang Bong […]

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