A Bit of Sweden – The 5 Best Bits of Nynäshamn

While in Stockholm a few weeks ago for TBEX, one of the most important travel blogger conferences of the year, a few of us chose to head down to Nynäshamn with the sole purpose of eating and drinking! Only about an hour from the capital, it would have been a pity not to make the trek.

For a tiny town with only 13,000 inhabitants, at the jumping off point of the Swedish Archipelago, Nynäshamn is known throughout the country as a food-lovers paradise. Some of the best culinary delights produced in Sweden come out of this little seaside port.

Boats stock up on smoked fish, cheese, sausage and beers before heading out to the over 25,000 islands of the archipelago. Even marauding masses of Vikings were said to have sampled […]

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Things to do in Fjaderholmarna, Sweden

Not even thirty minutes from central Stockholm, there is a tiny island where, once you’re ashore, you feel world’s away from the big city. Fjaderholmarna Sweden may not be so easy to pronounce for non-Swedes, but you’ll want to figure it out for your next trip to Stockholm. On the footsteps of the archipelago, it’s like a Bite-Sized Bit of Eastern Swedish with enough eating, drinking & being merry establishments to fill the day.
How to get to Fjaderholmarna Sweden

A heavenly little boat picks you up from the Gamla Stan pier in central Stockholm & before you can say Fjaderholmarna Sweden…you’re there. It’s called the Fjäderholmarna Båt in Swedish.
Things to do on Fjäderholmarna, Sweden
Fjäderholmarna Bryggeri

Our first stop was the home-grown island brewery, Fjäderholmarna Bryggeri. Sit outside and […]

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A Bit of Stockholm – A Morning for Design

Ikea.  For too many people, Swedish Design is Ikea. I admit I too have a house filled with “The Wonderful Everyday,” but I know there is so much more to Swedish Design than my Billy Bookcase, my Regissör cabinet and Fantastisk napkins. A weekend trip to Stockholm proved me right.

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