Not even thirty minutes from central Stockholm, there is a tiny island where, once you’re ashore, you feel world’s away from the big city. Fjäderholmarna may not be so easy to pronounce for non-Swedes, but you’ll want to figure it out for your next trip to Stockholm. On the footsteps of the archipelago, it’s like a Bite-Sized Bit of Eastern Swedish with enough eating, drinking & being merry establishments to fill the day.

Boat to Fjäderholmarna, Sweden

A heavenly little boat picks you up from the Gamla Stan pier in central Stockholm & before you can say Fjäderholmarna …you’re there.

Fjäderholmarna Bryggeri

Fjäderholmarna Brewery, Sweden

Our first stop was the home-grown island brewery, Fjäderholmarna Bryggeri. Sit outside and watch the passengers arrive and depart while sipping their Short Sail IPA or Wit the F*** Weiss beer. You could stay here all day and be happy.

Fjäderholmarna Choklad

Fjäderholmarna Choklad, Sweden

Right next door to the brewery, Fjäderholmarna Choklad is creating some crazy combinations of their own. Brazilian cocoa beans plus Stockholm ingenuity makes for chocolates filled with Bjørk (not the Icelandic singer, but Birch Syrup) and Vårbroddsirap (vernal grass syrup), not to mention the Herbal Schnapps chocolate bars would be amiss, as well.

Föreningen Allmogebåtar

Boat Making Shop, Fjäderholmarna, Sweden

A stroll around the island munching your choklad-y treats and you come across the Museum of Traditional Boats.

Boat Museum, Fjäderholmarna

These museums help to recognize the art of Nordic Boat-Building, as well as preserving the traditions of boat building.

Aifur Krog & Bar

Viking restaurant - Mead

All this activity can make you thirsty and, as your wind your way around the island, you can’t help but be drawn into the Viking themed restaurant, Aifur. Mead was on the menu so we had to have a sip or two. For the non-Norse of us, mead is honey wine – need I say more? Our server, Leif, had not to ask twice.


Shopping, Fjäderholmarna, Sweden

There is a spot of shopping on the island as well. You can watch them blowing glass at Åtta Glas or treat yourself to one of Anneli Ohlsson’s lovely designs. Her textile studio also sells products from a slew of other creative local artists.


Dinner, Fjäderholmarna, Sweden

Make sure you’re hungry when you get to Fjäderholmarna because you won’t want to miss a meal at the Rökeriet. Sitting seaside savouring Swedish smoked shrimp while sipping snaps is worth the airfare alone. Followed by a Ängsholmens fisk- & skaldjursgryta – a Swedish bouillabaisse – you know you are becoming Svensk by the second.


Stockholm at Night, Fjäderholmarna, Sweden

Watching the sunset is its own island activity as you wait for the next boat to take you back to the big city. A perfect day out and you aren’t even 20 minutes away from central Stockholm!