A Bit of Seychelles – Overnight at Raffles Praslin

I was crossing my fingers the entire flight from Mahé to Praslin – not because I was afraid of the 15-minute turbo prop flight ahead of me, but that it wouldn’t be raining when I got there. Twenty-four hours is not a long time to spend in a place, especially if half that time you are in bed sleeping. It was going to be my only day to experience the luxurious Raffles Praslin and it would be so sad if I had to spend it indoors.

My first time in the Seychelles, I had arrived an hour before from London to unwelcoming clouds, due to a cyclone somewhere in the Indian Ocean. As I boarded the 20 seater to take me a short hop across the sea, […]

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A Bit of Paradise – Banyan Tree, Seychelles

It’s rare that one of my Bits of Paradise is located in a destination that could actually be “paradise.” As we drove further and further away from Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles, my heart beat a little faster with anticipation. The time I already had enjoyed on Mahé Island, had been filled with activities and I had only spent a maximum of 30 minutes downtime before running off again to explore. My two days at the Banyan Tree were to be purely my own.

Of all the hotels on the Seychelles, I felt destiny had really brought us together. I was a Beatles lover as a child, teen, and still one, as an adult. Until Seychelles’ independence in 1976, George Harrison, along with actor Peter […]

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