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Fun Things to Do in Hoi An, Vietnam

Vietnam_ Hoi An

The first thing I can say about Hoi An is that you need a week to properly do everything! Ok, you don’t have a week, then you should leave at least three days.

Vietnam_ Hoi An

Not only is Hoi An a delightful city to walk around during the day especially since there are no cars allowed, but at night it is a dream. It is the home of Chinese lanterns and at night they are lit up and it is just magical.

They say it is the city to have clothes made and copied. We did this in Hanoi so I can’t recommend where to go. I did buy some silk at Yaly because they had the prettiest colors and best selection.

The streets are lined with shops and restaurants and you can find great bargains especially if you are the first shoppers of the day. The first in the door get a special price. Stay at a hotel in town if you can as it is a walking city and you will want to come and go easily.

It is also an eating town – tons of delicious restaurants so make time to eat.

Fun things to do in Hoi An

Shopping in Hoi An

82 Tran Phu, 100 Nguyen Thai Hoc – 0510.3917889

As you enter the store, they greet you with cold towels to refresh yourself. They had me at these. The Vietnam inspired jewelry is so lovely. Everything is beautiful and made with care.

45 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
Ly (the wife of the owner of Mango Mango – more on that later) has set up a beautiful shop on the other side of the Japanese Red Bridge. Hers is one of many of the quiet and lovely stores away from the chaos of Tran Phu and Nguyen Thai Hoc. She designs glass jewelry and sweet dresses using Vietnamese silk and cotton.

15 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
Another lovely shop on the other side of the Red Bridge. This shop had just opened when we arrived in Hoi An. Home furnishings and clothes that have a slight edge to them.

The rest you have to find yourselves….

Hai Cafe in Hoi An

Eating in Hoi An

Here were our favs among thousands:

Mango Mango (45 Nguyen Phuc Chu) and Mango Rooms (111 Nguyen Thai Hoc)
These two restaurants serve some of the best food in Vietnam. Duc, the chef, lived in Texas and he brought it back with him. The drinks are to die for, the atmosphere friendly and casual and the food, well, delish!

5 Nguyen Thi Minh Khai
Away from the fray and a lovely setting if you sit on the river. Stick to the Hoi An specialties and you can’t go wrong.

107 Nguyen Thai Hoc
Great salads and cold fruit drinks. Perfect for lunch!


Staying in Hoi An

    We had spent one night at one of the beach resorts outside of Hoi An central and were so pleased to be able to move into the city to this hotel. It was perfectly situated – one street from the central market and 15 minutes from the Red Bridge. The pool was big enough and the rooms were gorgeous. It is the only place to stay if you want to be in town.

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