James Trevaskis – 11 Cadogan Gardens, London

James Trevaskis – 11 Cadogan Gardens, London

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On today’s program, I sit down with James Trevaskis, of my local 11 Cadogan Gardens – an intimate hotel that is the toast of Chelsea.

Truffle Martinis, homemade Eau de Vie, anything is possible when James Trevaskis is behind the bar, His ingenuity is what brings them into 11 Cadogan Gardens – find out how he got here and the thought process behind the drinks he creates.

James began life as a sommelier, but then made the switch to mixologist. He can’t help bring his oenophilic knowledge to his cocktail making and that’s what makes this bar unmissable.

My first Truffle Martini was an extremely enjoyable experience, I must say. If you are after the daring or the classic, you will leave wishing 11 Cadogan Gardens were your local too.

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