Things to do in Nicosia, Cyprus

There are so many things to do in Nicosia that the city begs a visit. Known mostly for its sunny climes, gorgeous beaches, friendly folk and delicious food, the majority of tourists forgo a trip here – collecting their bags and heading directly to the beach. If you make that special effort, there are tons of things to do in Nicosia – especially the old town. It is the capital after all.

The old town of Nicosia, i.e. everything within the Renaissance Venetian walls, is thriving –  the food keeps getting better and the cocktail bars are internationally renowned. The ancient buildings lend themselves to secret trysts – what looks like a plain doorway on a nondescript building invite you into back gardens, fountains, and courtyards.

(Nicosia […]

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Five Days in Cartagena, Colombia

The Caribbean laps at your feet, salsa music plays in your ears and you’re wearing a Panama hat you just bought from a man selling them on the street…you know you’ve found yourself in the Colombian jewel that is Cartagena. Having the luxury to spend five days anywhere is thrilling, but spending five days in Cartagena gives you a real feel for this small, but packed walled city and beach town.

Cartagena oozes Colombian style and is chock-a-bloc filled with shops, restaurants and bars. Shopping in Cartagena is magical. Traditional, artisan products are on show everywhere, always reminding you where you are. Cartagena restaurants serve both traditional, mostly seafood, Colombian & Caribbean cuisine or fresh modern takes by now-famous Cartagenian chefs. The bars are as cutting-edge […]

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A Wellness Weekend in Val Thorens

There’s nothing like cold crisp air to make you feel alive. Even it you don’t ski often or well, you still feel healthy on a ski weekend break, even after eating tons of tartiflette and cheese fondue. It’s clomping through snow and all the other wintery activities that invigorate you and make you feel revitalized.  The resort of Val Thorens has gone one step further in making sure you are keeping well. This season they have launched their My Serenity program, highlighting all the other things you can do in Val Thorens to look after yourself, your wellness and your wellbeing.

The resort of Val Thorens in the French Alps is the highest ski resort in the whole of Europe at 2300 m. Purpose built in […]

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One Day in Philadelphia – The Best Bits of Old City

With all the snow and cold this year, the Cypriot and I had one day in Philadelphia to shop, eat and drink. We spent that one day in Philadelphia’s Old City, the 18th C historic section of downtown, that is considered the birthplace of the American Revolution. While the food scene and Philadelphia restaurants are at the top of their game, great shopping in the city of Brotherly Love is not up to par with any of its East Coast cousins. Maybe it’s the pull of King of Prussia Mall, second largest mall in America, that drags the potential shoppers away from center city.

Still, I have found a few Philadelphia shops and sights that really deserve our attention and if you have one day in […]

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Saint Augustine started it off by saying, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.”  Is travel the best education? I can neither deny nor confirm whether this is true, but I am sure that I know a little more this year than I did last year, simply by stepping out my front door. Since this time of year is all about giving, I thought I would share with you that which I have learned!

When you‘re on an island as lovely as Koh Lanta, Thailand, you never want to leave the beach. That’s if you have sunny weather. The sun was taking a vacation of its own when the Cypriot and I arrived on the […]

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London Farmers Markets for Christmas and beyond, because I love them!

Who needs to travel to enjoy a Christmas market? There are plenty in London. I love my local South Kensington market and wanted to make sure it got a little plug this holiday season!

Below you can learn more about the London Farmer’s Markets in your area!

Move over German Christmas markets, the Great British Markets are this seasons must visit attractions.

There’s no need to fly to Finland this Christmas, just pop-down to your local London Farmers’ Market, where guests can find everything they need for a truly British festive feast this yuletide. Whether seeking a last-minute Christmas turkey, inspiration for the perfect gift or just after a festive outing filled with cookie decorating and plenty of mulled wine, The London Farmers’ Markets are the place to […]

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