Don’t Miss These 3 Stunning Temples in Bangkok – Affiliate Bit

Image via Flickr by Ankur P
I work with the Intercontinental Hotel Group quite often and I have never been disappointed. When they asked me to collaborate by posting their travel guide of Temples in Bangkok on my site, I was more than happy to share.  It’s a great guide and I hope you use it when you are heading to Bangkok.
Temples play an important role for the people of Bangkok. They are much more than tourist attractions. Temple complexes are homes to the monks. They wake up at 4 a.m. to begin their duties, attend to prayers, and collect offerings from the people on the streets. This is a ritual of giving to receive a better life after this one. This part of the Buddhist philosophy […]

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A luxurious stay off the beaten path in Venice

Once upon a time, the sestiere (quarter) of Canareggio was considered off the beaten path in Venice. Tourists trudged back and forth from the train station down the Strada Nova to St. Mark’s Square and back. If the masses did find themselves in this part of town, it was usually to visit the Jewish ghetto for an hour and then return back to the Rialto as quickly as they came.

The trifecta of San Mark’s Square, St. Mark’s Church and Doge’s Palace do pack a punch and there is nothing bad about sitting at Florian sipping a cappuccino while an orchestra plays Volare, but how nice to make your home in one of the prettiest hotels far from the madding crowd.

Hearing the constant complaint that Venice […]

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48 Hours in Nuremberg, Germany

What city actually has a sausage that is so sacred that it is protected under EU law? Nuremberg, Germany! I was spending 48 hours in Nuremberg and, of course, the goal was to sample as many of these sacred sausages as we could. Whilst in between this sausage sampling, we visited one of the most important cities in Germany.

Nuremberg, a city that was mentioned in history books in the year 1050 AD, makes the perfect weekend getaway from London. Fewer than two hours from London, a short hop on the UBAHN and you are in the walled city that brought you Albrecht Dürer, toys, eyeliner, Rotbier and Lebkucken, in addition to its sausages,

An independent state until the 19th century, Nuremberg was always at the forefront […]

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My Favorite Thailand Beaches

There is never a time when I don’t long to be lounging on a beach in Thailand. It really is what it looks like in photos: endless sun, inviting water, and pure, white sand. Needless to say, the food and drink are fantastic too. There is a reason people keep returning over and over again for Thailand beach vacations.

When planning, there are so many to choose from, so I thought it might be helpful if I created my own Best Bits List of Thai Beaches for you as a guide. Some of these are quite touristy and some off-the beaten track. Remember touristy is not always a bad thing – think of Venice!
Koh Lanta Long Beach
One of my favorite beaches in Thailand has to […]

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Things to do in Nicosia, Cyprus

There are so many things to do in Nicosia that the city begs a visit. Known mostly for its sunny climes, gorgeous beaches, friendly folk and delicious food, the majority of tourists forgo a trip here – collecting their bags and heading directly to the beach. If you make that special effort, there are tons of things to do in Nicosia – especially the old town. It is the capital after all.

The old town of Nicosia, i.e. everything within the Renaissance Venetian walls, is thriving –  the food keeps getting better and the cocktail bars are internationally renowned. The ancient buildings lend themselves to secret trysts – what looks like a plain doorway on a nondescript building invite you into back gardens, fountains, and courtyards.

(Nicosia […]

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Five Days in Cartagena, Colombia

The Caribbean laps at your feet, salsa music plays in your ears and you’re wearing a Panama hat you just bought from a man selling them on the street…you know you’ve found yourself in the Colombian jewel that is Cartagena. Having the luxury to spend five days anywhere is thrilling, but spending five days in Cartagena gives you a real feel for this small, but packed walled city and beach town.

Cartagena oozes Colombian style and is chock-a-bloc filled with shops, restaurants and bars. Shopping in Cartagena is magical. Traditional, artisan products are on show everywhere, always reminding you where you are. Cartagena restaurants serve both traditional, mostly seafood, Colombian & Caribbean cuisine or fresh modern takes by now-famous Cartagenian chefs. The bars are as cutting-edge […]

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