10 Best Bits of Anacapri, Italy

It’s only ten minutes away by car from the port, but Anacapri, the other village on the Isle of Capri, is just as charming as its more famous sister – so wave goodbye to the port, you won’t miss it, I promise.

These bits might be a little Capri Palace Hotel heavy, that’s because it really […]

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A Bit of Paradise – Banyan Tree, Seychelles

It’s rare that one of my Bits of Paradise is located in a destination that could actually be “paradise.” As we drove further and further away from Victoria, the capital city of Seychelles, my heart beat a little faster with anticipation. The time I already had enjoyed on Mahé Island, had been filled with activities […]

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A Bit of France: La Bouitte, St. Martin de Belleville

Between mouthfuls of our mingardises (petit fours), we agreed that our hosts’ last name should be Le Meilleur (best) not simply Meilleur (better), because this dinner just couldn’t be more fabulous.

Eaters from far and wide travel via every mode of transportation to dine chez Rene & Maxime. Before lunch & dinner, a line of helicopters […]

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A Bit of Grenada: Chocolate Festival 2016

From May 13 – 22, one island in the Caribbean is going mad for chocolate. Almost exactly a year ago, I was lucky enough to be toasting my birthday, not with champagne, but with hot chocolate on Grenada, the Spice Island. They’re doing it all again this year:

(Can you spot me?)
Sadly I can’t be there […]

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