Brooklyn Guide alla Intercontinental Hotels – Affiliate Bit

I work with the Intercontinental Brand quite often and I have never been disappointed. When they asked me to collaborate by posting their travel guide of Brooklyn on my site, I was more than happy to share.  It’s a great guide and I hope you come back to use it often!

Brooklyn Travel Guide

The distinct culture, deep-rooted history and magnetic energy of Brooklyn make it one of the most beloved and revered destinations in America. Celebrated around the world for its big-city excitement and unique brand of authenticity, this buzzing New York City borough–the city’s most populous–constantly attracts visitors from around the globe, and you’ll find amazing hotels in Brooklyn to fit your travel needs.
Things to See in Brooklyn
You should have no problem finding things to do […]

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Vittorio Gentile, Theo Randall at the InterContinental, London

Vittorio hails from Southern Italy with a degree in Economics, but he was quickly seduced by hospitality world. Upon moving to London, he worked his way up to Head Sommelier for Theo Randall at the InterContinental in just three years.

One of his job requirements was over seeing not just the wines, but the entire beverage menu for the restaurant. That’s where his inherent creativity with spirits kicked in and now he is pairing food with cocktails as well as wine.

Where you can hear me drinking next:
Our next guest, Ali Reynolds has so many titles he’s practically king of the cocktail world. I got the chance to sit down with him to discover the steps he took before winning the big one – the Diageo Reserve World […]

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A Bit of Perfection – The Rachamankha, Chiang Mai, Thailand

We knew where we were going – Chiang Mai, more specifically The Rachamankha. We had been there before; in fact that’s exactly why we were returning.

I travel constantly (not a complaint, by the way), so when the Cypriot and I were planning a trip over annual Christmas holiday, we both simultaneously said, “Chiang Mai!”

I know there’s a whole world out there to explore, but it was so good the first time, we couldn’t help being drawn back again for more.

The first time round, we found ourselves making an unscheduled pit stop in Thailand’s second biggest, when our flight was diverted from Luang Prebang. A close friend of mine was actually in Chiang Mai at the same time and I rang her to ask where she […]

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Fabienne Moreau, Veuve Clicquot, Reims

The Veuve in Veuve Clicquot is Madame Barbe-Nicole Ponsardin Clicquot. Married at 21 to François Clicquot, she was widowed only six years later. Left in control of his company, she stuck in and truly created the brand as we know today. Her innovations, including riddling (shaking the bottles to loosen the sediment, giving the champagne its flavor), and business acumen are lauded today. In the shadow of International Women’s Day last week, Best Sips is proud to have the Historian of Veuve Clicquot here today.

FYI: Veuve Clicquot arranges the annual Veuve Clicquot Business Woman Award which “champions the success of business women worldwide who share the same qualities as Madame Clicquot!”
Where you can hear me drinking next:
Next we return to London to meet Vittorio Gentile, who […]

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A Bit of France: Reims – The City of Bubbly

Reems (Eng.) or Rance (Fre.), it truly doesn’t matter how you pronounce it. I mean we say Paris and it is technically called Paree! The most important word you need to know is Champagne.

Best known for its incredible cathedral, Reims is footsteps away from the vineyards of France’s most popular export! Only 45 minutes from Paris, a day trip to sip the bubbly stuff is easy as Pommery on any holiday to the City of Lights.

A mix of architecture, from Medieval wonders, Renaissance houses, Roman ruins, plus little of the two Arts, Deco and Nouveau, thrown in for good measure, make Reims an architecture jewel.

Heavily attacked by the Germans in World War I, George Burdett Ford, an American architect and Art Deco fan, was brought […]

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Jason Elliott & Jon Lalu – The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co., Philadelphia

It all did end badly for Max, but in his heyday, he was one of the richest gangsters in town and his legacy is The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company. Thank goodness, alcohol is legal in this day and age, so Jason and Jon, General Manager & Head Bartender respectively, can do their job without fear of the cops rushing in at any moment..unless it’s to enjoy one of their very legal beverages.

Snuck in between two unprepossessing buildings on 18th street, near lovely Rittenhouse Square, The Franklin Mortgage and Investment Company knocks the socks out of anyone who ventures inside. On the cutting-edge of cocktail creation, their drinks program is constantly changing and developing. Leading the way are Jason & Jon who came to hospitality […]

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