George Economides – Mastiha World, Oxford

Spending years in the hallowed libraries of Oxford pouring over the ins and outs of Quantum Mechanics might lead you to drink! It certainly happened to George Economides. One stag do in Sifnos and his whole world changed from investigating particles in a box to those in a glass. Harking back to his native land of Greece, our guest today is reviving the local spirit, Mastiha, and introducing it to the rest of the world – one cocktail at a time.

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A Bit of Italy: Bologna (Rossa, Dotta & Grassa)

All American Generation-Xers or older can’t help but see the word Bologna and hum the Oscar Mayer theme tune dedicated to America’s favorite lunch meat. We enjoyed it with another Emilia Romagna-inspired treat, the sickly, sweet vino, better known by its commercial, Riunite on ice, that’s nice.

One taste of the real Mortadella, while sipping local, flavorful Lambrusco, […]

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A Bit of Italy: the Verdi Festival in Emilia Romagna

Every trip needs a soundtrack – a few songs that evoke the spirit of the place: driving Route 66  with radio blaring Born to be Wild, New York wouldn’t be New York without New York, New York, Chicago has Chicago. The question is how do you choose which song will accompany you through Emilia Romagna […]

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Anne Frey – 1 Tippling Place, Philadelphia

How many times does this happen to you? You are walking down the street dressed in a sari, a man stops you, asks who you are, tells you your bar is his favorite in America and wants to open one in India? Well, it happened to Anne Frey owner of 1 Tippling Place and she is here to tell us more.

October 11th, 2016|Best Sips Worldwide|1 Comment