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QABU by Paco Morales opens in the Link, Dubai

Qabu Restaraunt
Qabu Restaraunt

After several days of celebration, Morales and his team expand boundaries by opening Qabu by Paco Morales in the new gastronomic space The Link, an innovative structure suspended one hundred meters above the ground and operated by the ultra-luxury hotel One&Only One Za’abeel in Dubai.

QABU by Paco Morales is, in Morales’ own words, “an exciting gastronomic and sensory journey inspired by the history and contemporaneity of the flavors and ingredients of historic “AndalusÍ” cuisine, always reinterpreted by us. Paola Gualandi and I have worked hard for the last two and a half years to be able to offer, to a destination as exceptional as Dubai, our new proposal that builds surprising bridges between the cultures of the East and the West.” 

The culinary proposal of QABU by Paco Morales is completed by a spectacular interior space designed, hand in hand, by Paco Morales, Paola Gualandi and the renowned interior design studio, Rockwell Group. Together they have managed to create a perfect framework that accompanies, almost as if it were a symphony, each bite with a captivating and immersive interior design that aligns perfectly with the sensational high-altitude panoramic views of the Dubai skyline. 

In the words of Paco and Paola, “it has been a creative process, long but slow enough, to allow us to fine-tune every detail to perfection, always working with the intention of making our guests enjoy the most through a culinary adventure full history and tradition but with our deeply contemporary gaze and gastronomic approach.” 

Qabu represents, in the words of the Córdoban chef, “our first professional foray into the city of Dubai where, intentionally, we have sought to start from our creative pillars to offer a gastronomic spectacle and a stimulus for complete sensory enjoyment. Our method continually delves into the history of Andalusian ingredients to create a 360° experience where each element is intentional and reflective as well as poetic. The panoramic views elevate the atmosphere rather than past tense elevated the atmosphere of the room, creating a captivating backdrop for our beautiful journey through the diverse flavors of Al-Andalus cuisine.”

The restaurant invites diners to explore old Moorish recipes that have ended up forming the cultural and culinary fabric of both the southern part of Spain and part of the current Arab world. Guests can choose from the seven-course tasting menu, “Al Andalus,” or the option of choosing à la carte dishes such as slow-cooked beef cheek with celeriac puree, caper leaves, grain mustard and buckwheat or the delicious “carabinero” with sautéed spinach, smoked butter emulsion and sheep’s cheese. 

Recently award three Michelin stars, Noor in Cordoda has lead the success of Paco and Paola’s corroborative approach to dining. The restless couple is currently also responsible for “El Bar de Paco Morales”, their more informal experience concept, with locations open simultaneously in Córdoba and at One & Only Aesthesis in Athens, Greece.

Find more about the restaurant here: QABU BY PACO MORALES

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