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Best Bits of Capri and Anacapri, Italy


One boat ride from Naples and the Amalfi Coast and you are in the world famous Island of Capri. Then it’s only ten minutes away by car from the Marina Grande to Anacapri, the other village on the Isle of Capri, which is just as charming. You might want to just head to the beach but there are some gorgeous things to do in Capri and Anacapri that might tempt you away.

These bits might be a little Capri Palace Hotel heavy, that’s because it really is the only place that should be your home while on the island, unless you have one of your own.

How to get to Capri

Capri Island is so easy to reach. As it’s an island, you can only reach it by ferry. Ferries depart directly from Naples and Sorrento all year round. In the summer, there are also routes from the Amalfi Coast – Positano, Amalfi, and Salerno. You can always reach it from the neighboring island, Ischia.

You can fly into Naples Airport from most destinations in the world, either direct or via Rome or Milan. You can also reach the Naples train station as well on the high speed trains from one of Italy’s major cities.

From there hop a cab to the ferry terminal and grab your ferry. Ferry schedules are frequent and you don’t need to book before.

No cars are allowed on Capri.

Bed…Capri Palace Hotel – rooms designed by Loro Piana, no need to continue; food – two Michelin starred restaurants and a pizza on the terrace to die for; did I mention the views?

Bite…Stay in the hotel and dine at L’Olivo, their two Michelin starred dining room, and don’t miss their beach club restaurant, Il Riccio, with one Michelin star. One of the best meals I have ever eaten in my life – simple, local & divine. Pizza on their terrace good enough to remind you you’re overlooking its birthplace – Naples. If you have to go out at all, seek out Da Paolino and sit among the lemon trees while sipping limoncello – totally romantic.

Brew…Limoncello – the island-made after dinner essential. If you order anything else, don’t miss the signature cocktail at Il Riccio – as blue as the restaurant is!

Binge…You have to go into Capri to do all the great shopping the island has to offer. Don’t leave without a pair Capri Gloves and a pair of sandals from L’Arte del Sandalo Caprese. Carthusia perfume was originally invented here in the 13oo’s, but updated since then. The clothing shops Cabana & Blu (Capri) & Solaris (Anacapri) shouldn’t be missed as well.

Bathe…literally in the pool or in the Med!  Don’t forget the spa at the Capri Palace has the world famous Leg School presided over by Dr. Canonaco. Your legs will thank you!

Breathe…Two lovely museums are steps away from the centre of Anacapri. You can’t miss the bright red Museo Casa Rossa , which houses the wonderful ancient Roman statues found in the Blue Grotto.

The Villa San Michele was home to Swedish physician, Axel Munthe. It’s kept the exact way he lived and has some of the prettiest views on the island.

Also make sure to visit the Chiesa San Michele to see the fabulous 18th Century painted floor, depicting the adventures of Adam & Eve.

Fly to Naples, jump a boat, eat a sfogliatella and cappuccino at the port’s grungy bar and you’re there in an hour.

  1. Capri Palace Hotel, Via Capodimonte, 14, Anacapri, including L’Olivo, Il Riccio & the Spa
  2. Da Paolino, Via Palazzo a Mare, 11, Capri
  3. Capri Gloves , Via Roma, 91, Capri
  4. L’Arte de Sandolo Caprese, Via Giuseppe Orlandi, 75, Anacapri
  5. Carthusia, Viale Axel Munthe, 26, Anacapri
  6. Cabana, Via Fuorlovado, 1, Capri
  7. Blu (Via le Botteghe, 57, Capri) & Solaris (via G. Orlandi, Anacapri)
  8. Villa San Michele, Viale Axel Munthe, 34, Anacapri
  9. Museo Casa Rosso, Via Giuseppe Orlandi, Anacapri
  10. Chiesa San Michele, Piazza San Nicola, Anacapri

NB: I was the guest of Capri Palace Hotel. It was absolutely perfect and I can’t stop thinking about the time I had there…a true Best Bit! 

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