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Best Bits of No. 11 Cadogan Gardens in bloom, London

Best Bits London - 11 Cadogan

It’s Sping in London. The Chelsea Flower Show is in bloom and the rest of the borough is showing off its green thumb. One hotel is pulling out all the stops to make this week a bumper crop of herbaceous delights.

Best Bits London - 11 Cadogan

Celeb florist Larry Walshe has turned their scaffolding-engulfed front door into a sylvan Scylla. Tempestuously wild ivy and overreaching branches pull you into fates unknown.

Here are a few examples of the magic!

The sign over the door!
The Garage Door!

Thankfully the rewards inside are just as verdant as the outside. #ChelseainBloom-inspired additions to their tea menu are there to greet you – Lavender Crème Brûlée and Victoria Sponge with Hibiscus Jam, as well as, the perennial favorites, scones and sandwiches.

After tea is done, slip into the bar and sip one of the sunny gin-based collection of cocktails. The Gin Garden with its elderflower, cucumber and apple elements put me in the mood to saunter outside to check out the other #ChelseaInBloom creations around the area.

NB: I was the guest of No. 11 Cadogan Gardens for afternoon tea.



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