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Best Bits Packs for Mustang Monument


This year has been absolutely incredible. I have been lucky enough to have a day job takes me places I had only dreamt about. I have been on my first African safari, my first Caribbean island, my first Louisiana swamp tour, and now another dream is about to come true. Too early this Saturday morning, I lift off for Salt Lake City where I will be picked up and driven to Mustang Monument, a dude ranch  and an eco-resort for the preservation of wild Mustangs in the middle of Nevada.


I think it was my first pair of Billy Martin cowboy boots that made me the ultimate shit-kicking New Yorker. Let me tell you that cowboy boots were not really in style, so I stood out. What was this Pennsylvanian water-pistol packing mama doing wearing the footwear of her western cousins? I still don’t know, but I always loved them and have had a pair in my wardrobe ever since. I even went and had me a pair made specifically for Christmas – yup, red and green. I would show them to you, but they are already packed in the bag headed for Nevada. Unfortunately the Billy Martin store, which graced the uber-shopping street Madison Avenue, is no longer, as cowboy boots have been replaced by Louboutins.

To be a true cowboy or girl, you can always order from Texas Traditions though, the elite of elite of cowboy footwear. They might not take you as a new client though, but if they do, a pair start at $1,000. You can always bluff it with your suede skirt, chaps, red bandana and Stetson, and it is all about looking the part, isn’t it?

I only wish I had time to see inside the Salt Lake Tabernacle on my way back. It’s not often I fly through Utah.

If you like what you see, you can click to buy these for yourself!

  1. ASOS Midi Skirt in Suede with Dungaree Bodice 2. Cowboy Boots  3. Wheat Earrings 4.  Stetson Cowboy Hat 5. Red Bandana

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