A Bit of France: Off Piste in Chamonix

I am not a great skier, having begun too late in life, but that doesn’t mean I don’t love ski resorts, and I am sure most of you non-skiers feel the same way. Who doesn’t want to be surrounded by massifs, breathing fresh air, eating melted cheese in all forms, while drinking local white wines? Needless to say, I quickly fell in love with Chamonix.

Chamonix? One of the technically hardest places to ski in the world? Well, that was the whole point. My M.O. was to discover other ways a non-skier could experience the snow while the bombers* were cutting up the slopes.
(love that we were photo bombed!)
Even if you aren’t a skier, you have to try it at least once during every trip. Of […]

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Bite-Sized Bits of Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France

For those of you who double black diamond your way through life, I’ve created my first Bite-Sized Bits. It’s Best Bits without the chat, just the facts.

First out of the gate is Chamonix-Mont-Blanc, France, known as the resort for real skiers. Resort is probably the wrong word because Chamonix was a thriving village long before it was a haven for winter sports enthusiasts. Climbing Mont Blanc was the draw as early as the 1700’s. Snowboarding came much later.

Chamonix’s reputation is Caveat Inceptor (Let the Beginner Beware!), but, even I, a green piste-r found load of other activities to fill my day. Needless to say, drinking cocoa and eating cheese were two of those seasonal pursuits I performed to the best of my ability.

Don’t worry there is something for […]

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A Bit of Paris: The New & The Old

Everyone is looking for the newest things to do in Paris. Sometimes it’s great to feel you are the first on the block but it’s equally fun to haunt the same old place for hundredth time.  So on my last trip to Paris. the Cypriot and I not only joined the hoards in visiting the beau nouveau, but we also made time for the belle epoque.

Upon hearing that we were off to Paris overnight, my Cypriot had one thing on his GO, DO NOW! list – pop into the newly opened Fondation Louis Vuitton. This museum & exhibition space was dreamed up by Bernard Arnault, the Chairman of LMVH, way back when and, now, after overcoming a mountain of red tape and dissent, the doors are finally open.

We jumped on the eco-friendly bus from […]

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A Bit of Paris – The Ascent to Sacré-Coeur

Honoré de Balzac proclaimed, “Whoever does not visit Paris regularly will never really be elegant!” I have to admit that when you glide down Haussman’s grand boulevards in this capital of sophistication, you can’t help but know he’s right. Only at Christmastime, does the City of Light turn a little more pedestrian transforming itself into the City of Fairy Lights instead.  The grandiose store fronts and restaurants are laden with trees, baubles and enough lights to see from space. Upmarket magasins usually reserved for the haute are packed with the many in search of that perfect Noël gift. This is the Paris that the Cypriot and I descended upon this holiday season.

Our two days in Paris began as we boarded our Air France flight from London, Heathrow to Paris, Charles de Gaulle. Boarding […]

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A Bit of France: Paris – Cool La La


Pierre Hermé may have already captured the macaroon flag but now he has his sights set on the traditional ice cream sandwich.  Long gone are the days of vanilla ice cream stuck between two chocolate cookies…we know that…but Mr. Hermé has taken it a step further.  He has remade his singular Ispahan macaroon (rose biscuit, rose petal cream, whole raspberries, litchis) into Miss Gla’ Gla – the most divine ice cream concoction available.

Pierre Hermé


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A Bit of France: Things to do in Paris in the Fall

How can you pass up a free place to stay in Paris – in the middle of the Marais – next to a delish bakery – down the street from your dream bistro…you can’t!  So I boarded a plane from Milan (was there for work, not Best Bits), took the RER from De Gaulle and was at the Chatelet in 35 minutes. Couldn’t be easier…

64, rue Vieille du Temple, 3e, +33 1 42 78 55 89
Wanted to try only new things this trip, so read up on Marain Bistros and came across Georget, or so it used to be called.  Although we had not reserved and were speaking French 101 with thick American accents, the owner stuffed us in downstairs (which was […]

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