A Bit of France: Le Loop d’Été au Chamonix

When I think of things to do in Chamonix, I envision everything white – skiing, snowshoeing, snow, snow, snow. I’m here in the summer and those ice crystals have melted to reveal verdant valleys and moss-covered mountains. Even though we’re not in Austria, I do want to belt out a little “Hills are Alive!”

This time, I can breathe in the mountain air without fear of frostbite or falling down crevasses due to lack of prowess on the slopes. The sun stays out longer (even though it rained a bit when we were there) and you can venture even farther, trading skis for hiking boots.

There’s no rush to get to the slopes before the crowds or be at the end of jam-packed lift-lines – totally enough […]

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The Art of Seeing

“I don’t want to spend part of my holiday standing in front of a painting!” Having spent practically my entire college career studying art from the world’s great scholars, A little part of me died when my dinner partner uttered those words last week.

Then I took a deep breath and realized maybe he was right. Why stand in line at the Louvre, then fight the crowds to get a glimpse of the Mona Lisa  – when you could see it stress free online?

Even David Sedaris, the humorist, author and New Yorker contributor, whom I adore, said: “(The Louvre) just doesn’t interest me. I mean, I think so many people come here, and they feel like they have to do certain things because somebody told them […]

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A Bit of France: Le Loop de Paris

What is there to say about Paris that hasn’t been said already. There must be millions of luxury travel blogs telling you where to go, what to do and, most importantly, where to eat. Although it’s a crowded market, I thought it was time that I throw my chapeau into the ring as well!

Since these are my Best Bits, I’ve decided to let you into the Cypriot’s and my little Parisian secret – Le Loop!  Le Loop, as it has always been called, is our way of managing Paris, if we have only one weekend in which to do it.

Most of Paris is closed on a Sunday, except for the shops in Le Marais, so Le Loop is for Saturday or another day in the […]

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Shopping in Reims, France

Reems (Eng.) or Rance (Fre.), it truly doesn’t matter how you pronounce it. I mean we say Paris and it is technically called Paree! The most important words you need to know are Champagne and Shopping. Shopping in Reims is just as much fun as drinking Champagne. There are tiny stores selling local products that you can only find here only 45 minutes from Paree.

Along with shopping, Reims is best known for the incredible Reims Cathedral and also being footsteps away from the vineyards of France’s most popular export! Only 45 minutes from Paris, a day trip to sip the bubbly stuff is easy as pronouncing Pommery on any holiday to the City of Lights.

A mix of architecture, from Medieval wonders, Renaissance houses, Roman ruins, plus little of […]

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A Bit of France: La Bouitte, St. Martin de Belleville

Between mouthfuls of our mingardises (petit fours), we agreed that our hosts’ last name should be Le Meilleur (best) not simply Meilleur (better), because this dinner just couldn’t be more fabulous.

Eaters from far and wide travel via every mode of transportation to dine chez Rene & Maxime. Before lunch & dinner, a line of helicopters waits to land at the nearby helipad all coming to one place, La Bouitte, the 3 Michelin star restaurant that tops them all.

That’s not just my opinion. In 2015, 6,000 chefs across France voted for the restaurant that best represents French gastronomy  – La Bouitte was the winner and Rene and Maxime Meilleur were named 2015 Chefs of the Year.

Staying at La Bouitte is just as glorious as dining […]

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Bite-Sized Bits of Paris, France

My first morning in Paris was spent crying in my café au lait. I just didn’t know where to start. Paris was so big and there was so much to see. As my croissant got soggy, I got back in bed and pulled the covers over my head. Then, all of a sudden, I remembered the very sage advice of a fellow traveller about exploring any new town.
Close your eyes and let your guidebook open to any page. 
I pulled my hand from under the blanket, grabbed my rough guide or lonely planet or whichever it was, and closed my eyes and pointed.

Seconds later, my book was inviting me to explore the Musée Rodin. Flinging off the duvet, I  grabbed my beret and ran to the 7th arrondissement.

We all think it’s a […]

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