A Bit of Italy: Florence

Florence was my home for only eight months 25 years ago but it will always seem like a second home. Although I go back frequently, I just revisited the city with the three friends I shared an apartment with then.  We ate at our favorite restaurants, went to our favorite churches and museums but, of course, left time for something new.  We were treated to a tour of the Palazzo Corsini by the Contessa herself which was a real treat.

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A Bit of Italy: Naples

My oh my…when you land in Naples at night, you are taken for a ride (literally) by the taxi driver, almost left at a spot that is not your hotel, miss your dinner reservation, ask the hotel to recommend something sure they are going to send you somewhere dodgy, make your way there through the dark medieval streets making you feel you are going to be the next tourists that get shot there….then you sit down and they bring you a plate of Melanzana Parmigiana which is the most glorious thing you have ever put in your mouth…and then miraculously Naples becomes your favorite city in Italy.

Naples is medieval, baroque and modern Italy all wrapped into one…we found the best way to see the best […]

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A Bit of Italy: Reggio Calabria

As far as everyone I talked to was concerned, there were only two reasons to set foot in Reggio di Calabria: to see the famous Riace Bronzes and to get the boat to Sicily.   Yet, Gabriele D’Annunzio called it “Il più bel chilometro d’Italia.”  Reggio also produced the visionary, Gianni Versace. There had to be something wonderful about this town and I knew I was going to find it!

Form our first bit to eat, I knew it was not so different from the rest of the country!


Corso Garibaldi, 70,  Tel: +39.0965.896674, Cell: +39.333.2697538; Email: info@suite70.it
Thanks to a great travel website, www.italytraveller.com, I found this boutique hotel.  It claims it is a B&B since there is no restaurant and there are very few rooms […]

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A Bit of Italy: Milan Lunch Spots

No matter how often you return to a city, if you look hard enough, you can always find something new.  I was starving and in search of the INSALATONE (big salad) that the Italians do so well: a mix of tuna, mozzarella balls, lettuce, fennel, tomato, carrots, etc.  I happened upon a most happening joint.  I was the only non-Milanese and the food around me looked pretty good for a sandwich place.  I sat outside under a big heater and when they brought exactly what I wanted, I was in pure heaven.  Went upstairs to find the loo and found myself in a compact dining room heaving with lawyers, business people, etc all on lunch break.  So this time when they send you upstairs, it’s not because you look like a tourist but because you look like an Italian.


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A Bit of Italy: Venice Shops

Most of you know that I am always in Venice – so I have a set list of places to shop and eat.  If you want that, then email me because this list is something completely different.  Usually I am showing people around so I never have time to explore the bits I haven’t see in awhile.  I got a chance to do just that on my last trip.  I had a day and half to run around like crazy, happening upon never-noticed shops that were both far away from St. Marks Square and close. If it’s your first time in Venice, try and make time for these as they are run by Venetians and have Venetian made products – unlike some of the things you find in the more touristy spots which are made in India and China.


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