A Bit of America: New York’s Nolita


XMAS in New York City can be fabulous, festival and fun.   There is a tons of Pop-up Shops introducing you to tons of new brands.  The one on Prince Street has been going for a few years.  It’s full of local purveyors selling delicious delights which you can buy there or later!

It usually is here for check their facebook page to find out more details.
The Old School, 32 Prince Street

Here are some of the Best Bits I found.

TITIANIA INGLIS (clothing designer)

STUDY – TARA ST. JAMES (designer)
Located on the second floor of the pop-up shop, make sure you look out for these two – they are not hard to find as their clothes shine….

MARYSIA SWIM (designer)
Marysia’s swimwear is really gorgeous.  […]

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A Bit of America: My 3 Top Tips for Philadelphia

No matter how much I try and pretend I am a New Yorker, the truth is I am really from the City of Brotherly Love, where the steak sandwich is king.  I was born in New York and lived there for ages but when people ask me where I am from I have to say Haverford, PA!  Philly is where my parents live and when I board that BA flight home for XMAS, the arrival city is PHL. You get it – no hang ups here. So what is a girl to eat when the Cypriot comes along for a visit.  Since our favorite show is Man vs. Food at the moment – we decided to take on the Philly challenge and eat everywhere he […]

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A Bit of America: A few of the Best Bits of Los Angeles

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I have only been to CA a few times in my life – once to Disneyland when I was 8, once after college to visit a boyfriend who was bagel boy at CAA in LA (fyi…he lasted about five minutes there and came crawling home to New York) and once to San Fran for a wedding.  It has never had the pull that Europe had for me.  If I were going to take a plane, it was always east not west.  As I get older though, any chance I get to travel within the 50 states makes me happy.  Outside of the USA, customer service does not […]

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