Leon’s father might have tried to steer him away from a life of teaching, but it’s a role he found he couldn’t avoid. The Gin Journey combines his passion for storytelling and his favorite tipple. While winding through the streets of London, stopping at gin joints to sip Southsides, Leon amuses us with gin-related historical sound bites.

Since the 18th C, when King William of Orange made it legal for anyone to own a still, the Brits have always had a love/hate relationship with gin. After the Gin Journey, we all definitely had love in our hearts for the drink formerly known as Mother’s Ruin!

Where you can hear me drinking next:

Next time on Best Sips, we go back to Champagne with Jean Christophe Gremillet – whose father took a chance and started a new label in a super crowded market and made it a success.

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