Four Seasons Fairways, Quinta do Lago, PortugalJust a few days in Four Seasons Fairways and you feel like you have been coming for years. Our guests today all have that special quality in a bartender – making you feel welcome even before you order your first cocktail. Rui Pereira, Victoria Murphy, and Nuno Fonseca found their way to Quinta do Lago and, thankfully for us, are set to stay!

Rui’s face changed when talking about gin, Vicky couldn’t wait to make me her Caipirão and Nuno beamed when describing how he loved it so much here that, even when he left to try something else, he was drawn back. Still a homely place does not always equal great cocktails.

A resort usually cranks out jugs of Harvey Wallbangers and Frozen Daiquiris with chasers like Sex on the Beach and Jager Bombs – which is not a bad thing!  The care and attention all three of our guests take in making each and every drink is why Four Seasons Fairways is different. Gin Workshops led by Rui have been a hit ever since they started, the Sangria is made with Red, Rose or White, and their passion for what they do is contagious. I can’t wait to go back!

Where you can hear me drinking next:

Next week, we go to Bucharest where the newest bar,, Fix me a Drink, is the talk of the town. It’s the baby of Alex Ciomârtan who dragged himself away from the scene in London to go back home to wow them there. Which he is definitely doing.

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