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Two Treats at Borough Market

Borough Market - Cheese

Saturday is tomorrow and that always makes me excited because it means I know what I’m going to have for lunch… (ok, well maybe not every Saturday but one can dream and hope).  London’s Borough Market is one of the great wonders of the world and it is almost on my doorstep.  While every stall is fantastic….I found a few are compulsory stops as their bits are definitely best:

Borough Market - Cheese


After the fab scallops, take a walk around the rest of the stalls and make your way outside to one of the world’s great culinary treats anywhere. Kappacasein offers up two fantastic, cheesy concoctions that will make you need to sit down and gasp for air.  The first is their Raclette, Potatoes and Gherkins which they heap onto a plate so heavy you have to sit down in Southwark cathedral garden. 

While sitting, close your eyes and you are whisked striaght to White Turf in St. Moritz, which this the food de rigueur.  The next bit is their mad take on a grilled cheese sandwich.  The cheese is mixed with red onions and some other mysterious deliciousness and the bread is thinly sliced sourdough which they put into a big toastie machine and don’t take it out until it is oooooozing and I mean oooooozing cheese and, of course, the bread is toasted perfectly. 

I give you a hand if you can eat the whole thing. They disappeared from Borough market for a few months but they are back now…and at Bermondsey Market, too.


I can’t remember who took me here the first time, but it was like getting a gift.  Three huge scallops are sauteed with pancetta, sprouts and other good stuff and it is all served up on a gorgeous scallop shell which you return to them to reuse.  I don’t even like scallops that much but here they are plump, juicy and delicious.  They are the perfect start to the Borough Experience.

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