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When travelling abroad it is always important to get the right blend of excitement, relaxation and luxury. Few countries offer all three in one setting. Most holiday destinations have luxury and relaxation but adventure is difficult to find. While others destinations are just the opposite, with loads of adventure but without the luxury that many travelers prefer.


Alaturka Turkey takes great pride in offering some of the most relaxing holiday tours but, without sacrificing the extravagance.

Turkey offers plenty of adventurous activities such as paragliding that is a must do for those who are thrill seekers. Paragliding is a pursuit that attracts many people, some coming to Turkey for this alone. This prized experience takes place from the top of Babadag mountain which towers over the Oludeniz Blue Lagoon. As you take a short run off the top with your trained pilot, you will gently glide above the small trees leading down to the town and beach of Oludeniz coming to land on the boardwalk.

While paragliding is very popular there are also water activities to participate in. These take place all along the coastline. The watersports operators come to the main bays where it is popular to drop anchor. Forward-thinking entrepreneurs bring banana boats and ringos, a special floating seat for 2-3 people that’s towed like a banana boat. Occasionally the water sports owners are also able to provide parasailing experiences. While your days can be filled with excitement and adventure it is always nice to come back to a relaxing atmosphere later on each day. One of the more popular was of relaxing while taking in the sites and adventure is on board a luxury yacht cruise. These cruises are held on a traditional style Turkish gulet cruise. Modern companies like Alaturka Cruises make them feel like you are at a high-class hotel, with the tradition kept to keep it relaxed.

These cruises allow people to see places that are either less well known or can only be reached by small sea vessel. Aquarium bay is an idyllic area of the coast that can only be reached via boat. This bay is really popular with snorkelers primarily for the variety of fish as well as it being a feeding spot for loggerhead turtles.

While Turkey’s coast is one of its most famous attractions there are also many different areas to visit with exquisite vistas and adventures of their own. Going inland towards central Turkey you have some magical places like Cappadocia, where naturally formed stone spires piercing the landscape covering a series of tunnels that were once a secret for only the residents to know can be found. Walking around this magnificent dual city gives a real feeling of having a personal adventure. The best way to start a day of exploring this city is by taking the sunrise hot air balloon trip, watching the spires create shadows as you share a glass of champagne.

Whether you choose to Sail Turkey or take a private land tour, you will never be far from an adventure but remember that it is always possible to find a quiet spot to relax and take in that wonderful Turkish lifestyle.

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