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Secrets to Flying First Class – Sponsored Bit


by Jeanna Greene

Anyone with a less than favorable opinion of flying has probably never had the opportunity to travel First Class. And with the prices of flights these days, most people don’t have the luxury of dropping up to thousands of dollars for free champagne and a fully reclinable seat.


For those that hate planes, passenger hubs often do what they can to keep their passengers in good spirits before and after boarding. Unfortunately, not all airports have Balinese-themed rooftop swimming pools like Singapore’s Changi Airport or luxury valet parking options like London’s Gatwick Airport that are situated close to the departure terminals according to Parking4Less. But even with these amenities, it’s the flight that can really make or break the entire experience.

First Class upgrades are also possible at the check-in counter. The Telegraph provides several helpful tips on getting bumped up, most of them being about the impression that you give the airport staff. A simple smile, good attitude, and a neat, clean outfit may very well be enough to move you up a class, as at times the Economy section will be overbooked and airline agents will more likely extend the upgrade to the well-dressed passenger.

The prime time of asking for an upgrade is when you’ve been inconvenienced by your chosen airline, when the staff will do everything they can to make your travel as comfortable as possible. SkyScanner recommends you asking for availabilities at check-in and again at the gate, where the final “miracle” upgrades are more likely to occur.

Do you have more tricks of the upgrade trade? Feel free to share your tips!

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