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Viva Las Vegas

Las Vegas, NV
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It’s crazy that I have never been to Las Vegas.  I love everything tacky, big and over the top.  It just has never worked out.  My first impression was GET ME OUTTA HERE.  After being on the road all day and coming from God’s country, it was understandable. 

Las Vegas, NV

A tidal wave of people, glitz and gaudiness poured over us …then I slowly got into the groove and was able to appreciate it for what it was….Vegas.  We were only there overnight but we tried to do as much as we could…even a stint at the pool under the hot sun.

3600 Las Vegas Blvd South, Las Vegas, NV 89109   +1 888.987.6667
I really believe there is no better place in Vegas to stay than the Bellagio.  It has all the glitz, “glamour” and Chiluly you need to make you feel in the very center of it all.  The name makes me laugh as I have actually been to Bellagio on Lake Como in Italy and I have no idea how the real Bellagio inspired this colossal tourist machine.  Don’t be frustrated by the 10 minute wait for a concierge or 30 minute wait for the breakfast buffet – it’s all part of the Vegas madness.  Make sure you book with Jill Schuler at Singer Travel – – as she can get you an upgrade upon arrival, breakfast vouchers and other great stuff if available! NB:  A secret I will pass along that we learned at the roulette table: never stand in line for the breakfast buffet.  Go in the exit and sit at the bar.  No one ever sits there and there are always spaces – it worked for us the second day…try it!

2900 East Tropicana Avenue, Las Vegas, NV 89121, (702) 454-1110

The Gun Store is actually the reason we stayed an extra night in LV.  A place you can shoot any of gun – pistol to AK47 – that’s almost better than ice cream!  They have all different packages.  I took the most popular: $160 for three guns and three targets and loads of rounds. Chose: pistol = Sig Sauer, semi-automatic = Beretta, and automatic = AK47.  It rocked as I blew away my targets: a clown and a Nazi Zombie.  Go early and on a Tuesday – they say that’s the quietest day.  It’s worth the wait if you go any other day. (Yes, that’s the Cypriot handling the big gun!)


Totally cheesy fun.  The light show is crap but go to see the old strip.  We joined the $5 roulette table at the Golden Nugget and had the best time.  The croupier was hysterical and it really got us big spenders in the mood.

inside The Cosmopolitan of Las Vegas, 3708 Las Vegas Boulevard South, (702) 698-7000
The best buffet west of wherever has buffets….really something special.  Go for breakfast or dinner.  Enjoy their enomatic wine dispensers to try loads of different vintages, colors and regions.  The chef is a doll who took us on a tour.   The Cosmo Hotel is cool too.

At the Cosmopolitan Hotel outside the entrance of the Wicked Spoon or at a town near you..if you live in the USA, Vienna or Quebec.
Now that it isn’t chic to smoke anymore, what can you do with all those 1950/60 cigarette dispensers?  Art*O*Mat has made them into Contemporary Art Slot Machines.  Put in your $5 and out you get a piece of art.  I think the idea is fab and it works.  The ultimate in innovative recycling.  Not only are the machines chic, the art is varied and appeals to everyone and you feel cool using it.  How Vegas is that!

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