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Best Bits of Copenhagen, Denmark

Copenhagen, Denmark

There are so many things to do but here are my top Copenhagen Tips! Summer or winter in Copenhagen has me humming along to the dulcet harmonies of Danny Kaye as Hans Christian Andersen heading in for a visit.

Copenhagen, Denmark

The days are endless in summer and Tivoli is open and everyone is outside enjoying the fast, few months of warm weather.  Don’t miss it – it’s only an hour and a half flight from London! Winter is cosy with aquavit to keep you warm.

Getting to Copenhagen

Copenhagen Airport is reachable direct from most international airports.  The great thing is that it is only about 20 minutes from the centre of town! Take a taxi from your hotel or train and metro from terminal 3.

I would suggest purchasing the Copenhagen Card upon arrival – you can pick a 24-, 48-, 72- or 120-hour card, and use it for everything – bus, metro or train.  It also allows you to gain free entry to 73 top Copenhagen attractions, including the legendary Tivoli Gardens and awesome Den Blå Planet aquarium; and discounts on select tours, museum tickets and more

Here are my 5 Copenhagen Tips:

Tivoli Garden

Tivoli is a must – no matter how old you are! The park has been in existence since 1943 years! I love that its founder created it because “when the people are amusing themselves, they do not think about politics”. I am happy to report not to hear the words Brexit while on any ride. The fun is that the park is right in town and walkable from almost everywhere. The rides are for everyone and the gardens are landscaped beautifully.

If you eat there, your choice has to be Grøften, which has been around for 131 years. Try their Danish Platter – meatball, herring, cheese, and other home-cooked teats – to taste the country on one plate and sip it down with Aquavit or a Carlsberg!

Canal Boat Tour

See the city by boat before you walk down a street. Not only is it fun, but also it will give you a good bearing of the town, that was once one of the world’s greatest nautical powers.  You get a different perspective from walking around its streets and, if it’s a nice day, you can rest your feet and get some sun while learning about Copenhagen’s history. I took this tour and loved it.

Smørrebrød and Michelin Starred Meals

Smørrebrød are the iconic Danish open-faced sandwiches which are the go-to lunchtime treat. You can find them everywhere, but Schønnemann’s is the oldest place in town from 1877 or Ida Davidsen which is a relative newcomer having started serving in 1888!

Of course, Noma is the most famous restaurant in Copenhagen, but there’s a load of other Michelin starred restaurants in which to indulge. Kong Hans Kælder is my favourite as it was the first in Copenhagen to receive a Michelin back in 1983 and still on the list!

The Admiral Hotel

It may not be the grandest hotel in town, but I love the Admiral! Albeit not as luxurious as other hotels (no air-con!), the views are terrific, the breakfast fantastic and like all Scandinavian hotels, you don’t need to ask for down pillows. Walking distance to everything and right on the water with a lovely bar to take in the sun, The Admiralty is also seconds away from the Royal Palace and everyone’s favorite statue of The Little Mermaid.


Shopping is great in Copenhagen – from woolly, fluffy things to put around your head, neck and throat, to brightly colored Legos and sleek Bang & Olfusen speakers – the Danes have it covered. Wonderful walking streets with quiet squares, like Nikolaj Plads, home to one of the oldest churches in Denmark, now an art exhibition center and a great place to have coffee outside or dine inside, while waiting for the first snow fall!

Other fun things to do

Those are my top Copenhagen tips, but there are so many other things to do in the city. Make time for a city tour – here are my favorites:

Where to stay in Copenhagen

Although I love the Admiralty, I know that most of you might want a hotel with air-conditioning and a little more luxury.  I can recommend these others:

Heading to Stockholm – another gorgeous city in Scandinavia?  Read my piece about Stockholm Design here.



3 thoughts on “Best Bits of Copenhagen, Denmark

  1. Francesca Terrell says:

    As a long-time resident of Copenhagen, I approve of this list! Do look me up next time you are in Copenhagen

  2. Bodil Harsdorff Stein says:

    A few corrections: This is how Bang & Olufsen is spelled. And Saint Nikolaj Church is referred to as ´”one of the oldest churches in Norway” which obviously should say “Denmark”. It’s no longer functioning as a church, but an Art House.
    :-) Bodil

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