Champagne Gremillet, FranceA true family venture, Champagne Gremillet, was born when Grandmother Lulu planted those first vines in 1978. In the past, the Aube region where Gremillet sits, was considered second class to their northern friends near Marne and Épernay. They were the farmers, not the blenders.

It took a riot in 1911, when the big houses in the north, tried to exclude the Aube from Champagne appellation. Only later in 1927 was the region fully included. Silly as the best Pinot Noir grapes are found there. I leave it to Jean-Christophe to tell you the rest of the family history!

Where you can hear me drinking next:

We went live to Cocktails in the City London last week to meet the master mixologists invited from a Nordic country near you! Check in next week to find out who came and what they served!

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