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Best Bit on the Shelf: Condé Nast Traveller June 2014

conde nast traveller

You have to love Madeline Pickens, she is definitely my Best Bit of Condé Nast Traveller June 2014.  She rescued over 600 mustangs destined for the scrap heap (and I don’t mean the ones you drive around town looking cool) and now they are living happily on her intimate ranch of 500,000 acres in Nevada.  She has done gone and built herself a luxury retreat, Mustang Mountain, which, according to the website, opens in June.  Definitely a trip for the near future.

I have just come back from a work trip in LA.  Most of my colleagues were staying at the brand spanking new ACE hotel in Downtown LA – which is highlighted this month.  Thanks to some amazing restaurants, Downtown is now the place to be.  I kept driving back and forth from West Hollywood where I was staying to try the pickings.  One of my favorites was Baco Mercat.  What a sandwich…loved the vibe – rock music, grungy but five star food.  Go with as many people as you can so you can try everything.  On the way back west, we stopped at Sqirl to buy their famous jam and couldn’t resist the Raspberry Chocolate Brown Butter Blondie – could you?

CNT reminded me that I should also make a special sweet stop in my own city…Need to try E5 Bakehouse in Hackney so no air travel is necessary!

Loving the list of seaside hotels, etc…all very reasonably priced and look gorgeous.  As I am planning my summer vacation in Greece, I might check out one of the ones they recommend.

Last but not least, there is a whole in depth guide to York.  I have a special place in my heart for Yorkshire since my favorite garden/ruin combo is there: Studley Royal & Fountains Abbey.  I remember my first time in York – I scared myself silly by taking the Midnight Ghost Tour, a bit of touristy fun but do it if you can.