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Best Bits packs for Halloween


Scary times are ahead. Still, as our friendly ghost reminds us, there is always someone who might come out to play when you least expect it. This weekend kicks off the two biggest party months of the year – November and December! Halloween might be over on Sunday but it’s only the lead-up to Thanksgiving and Christmas. Just face it, no work will get done.

I have already picked out my costume for Saturday night’s festivities. Going to North London for some French trick or treating. Not allowed to know the menu beforehand, so taking my wand just in case it’s foie gras (which I don’t eat). Still, I’m safe as I know that the spell GELATIMENTI turns any dish into gelato, according to JK Rowling (kind of).  At least, that’s what I am betting on.

Clad in my witch’s hat and stripe-y orange & black leggings (Go Princeton!), with Peeps in hand, I can settle in for my annual, relaxing viewing of horror flick Halloween.

“You know it’s Halloween. I guess everyone’s entitled to one good scare, huh?”

If you like what you see, you can click to buy these for yourself!

1. Black Satin Witch’s Hat 2. Black & Orange Naughty Tights  3. Hermione’s Wand  4. Halloween – the Film  5. Ghost Peeps (when available!)

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