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Best Bits Packs for Capri

Best Bits Packs for Capri

Capri. From Augustus to Sophia Loren, it’s one of those places that was born luxurious and always attracted the cream of the crop. Heading there next week and in a quandary about what to pack. Even though I’m not going at the height of the season, I have a reputation to uphold and it isn’t mine! Capri demands it of me.

Best Bits Packs for Capri

The last time I was there –  a cold wet January in 1987 – young and foolish, (who else goes to Capri in January?), it was sweaters with shoulder-pads. After a semester in Florence and about to head home, it was my last chance to head down south. Sorrento, Naples and Capri – all in one short week, staying in the only guest houses that hadn’t closed for the winter.

That’s a world away from my return next week. As a guest of the Capri Palace Hotel in Anacapri, I am sure to be pampered, spoiled and indulged. Still no matter what’s on tap, just to put my feet on the Isle makes me giddy with pleasure. Even in October it’s still high 70’s (mid-20’s C) and no tourists, heaven.

This pack is a tribute to the best of Italy set to the sounds of the one and only, my favorite Italian cantante Paolo Conte. The Versace Sweater to keep me warm when the sun goes down, the slingbacks that only the house of Moschino could dream up, and my Italian Rugby World Cup scarf for the October 4th game vs Ireland. Will my Irish relatives speak to me if I root for the Blue?

Can’t not mention Dolce & Gabbana’s new collection, just shown in Milan during Fashion Week last week: check out #5 below to see the one we must have!

PS: An old time fav of mine is the Isle of Capri restaurant in New York City.  55 years old and still going strong…their Lasagna al Forno can’t be beat.

PPS: In Italian, stress in on the CA, not the PRI…so it’s Ca…pri, not Ca…pri!

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