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Best Bits Packs for Paphos


It’s not as easy as you would think. Saying that, it actually does look tough, but then how hard can it be if so many people play it? Next week, I will be put to the test.  My Minecraft abilities will be analyzed and scrutinized by the toughest invigilators in my family – my nephews.


This year, August is all about mothers. The Cypriot and I are heading out to his motherland this weekend and the next week I head out to mine. We are seeing and being seen to by our Mothers, which translates into having everything we love to eat appearing before us without asking, our laundry being washed without even knowing it was dirty, and getting up in the morning our most difficult task. When you have no children of your own, you are always still the child – the ultimate in luxury travel, if you are lucky enough to have the mothers we have.

This time it all goes sour three days in, because, this year, the Cypriot’s mother is zooming off to South Africa with not a thought to us! She has never been and, since reading my blog, it’s been on the top of her list. We are to be left alone for three days to take care of two little boys BY OURSELVES…the horror, the horror. After three days, we will be rescued by their own mother who will be jetting in to take over.

Actually, it will be a blast as they are adorable…and I’m looking forward to it being one long ice cream cone!

As you see on the packing list, I am cramming on the flight to Paphos with my Official Beginner’s Handbook to Minecraft! What’s with all the goddess attire you may ask? Well, I couldn’t help myself. It’s my last beachy, summer hurrah of the year and all that gold looks so divine in the Med, that it is all coming with me. Don’t know when I will be wearing it as night-time will all be about Legos, Transformers and Paddington, but who says Aunts can’t look bling even when playing computer games.

If you like what you see, you can click to buy these for yourself!

1. French Connection Sequin Dress 2. Minecraft for Beginners  3. ASOS Double Filigree Leaf Hair Crown 4. Mint Green Gold Leaf Earrings  5. Stella McCartney Metallic Rose Jodie Sandals

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