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Best Bits Luxury Hotel Review: Banyan Tree, Seychelles

It’s rare that one of my Bits of Paradise is located in a destination that [...]

Best Bits of La Bouitte, St. Martin de Belleville, France

Between mouthfuls of our mingardises (petit fours), we agreed that our hosts’ last name should [...]

Best Bits Luxury Hotel Review: The Culloden Estate & Spa, Belfast, Ireland

Every time I mentioned where I was staying in Belfast, the response was always the [...]

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Best Bits of Jing Tea at Brown’s Hotel, London

How apropos that I should be learning about one of the oldest beverages in the [...]


Best Bits of the Capri Palace Hotel, Capri, Italy

On an island resort like Capri,  you spend most of your time in the hotel [...]


Best Bits of Mala Mala, South Africa

October 25, 1981 was the exact date I was introduced to Mala Mala, the premier [...]