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Best Bits of the Cheval Three Quays, London

Cheval Three Quays

T’was the night of the Christmas Party and all through the day
I packed up the goodies we needed for our stay
I arrived at the Cheval Three Quays, our home for the night
To be greeted by reception and his words of delight

Cheval Three Quays

Our room was to die for, with a view of the Tower
But I needed to rush and jumped into the shower.
The water was hot with plenty of choice
Of the Arran Aromatics to keep my skin moist!

We ran out the door to the party nearby
The Tower of London waving us a goodbye
With sounds of carols echoing from the skating rink below
We jumped in a cab humming the songs we so know.

The next morning we awoke in our comfy down bed
Loaded with pillows for our very sleepy heads
It was tough to arise, even open our eyes
As Saturday is our one day to improvise

The basket of goodies they left for us there
Was chock-a-block full of treats that we didn’t want to share
Crusty bread, tea and coffee, we chomped through so fast
With some biscuits and chips that of course didn’t last.

We had to leave sadly as our stay was at its end
But the kind gents at the desk told us to spend
A day on the Southbank to check out the fairs
That come once a year and sell holiday wares.

Although it was grey as the weather has been
We left our bags at the desk and went out in the din
The punters were shopping and laughing and thus
Too much mulled-wine was drunk before getting the bus.

We walked up and down, joining them on the fly
and found ourselves at Borough in a blink of an eye.
A Cinnamon bun and some chestnuts were had
By the Cypriot and a hungry me growing fuller a tad


The festive decorations made the sky brighten up
And I think I saw sun from the top of my cup
It could have been drink that blinded me so
But I could swear I saw Santa as my cheek started to glow.

I do know my weekend was as luxe as they come
With the Cheval Residence as home no one can be glum
The service, the comfort, the room were all gems
And no one can top being next to the Thames!

NB: I was the guest of the Cheval Three Quays  & I can’t thank them enough for inviting me to stay the night. Everything I write is always my own opinion!

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