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Goodbye to 2015! Hello to 2016!


Who knew that 2015 could be the year of so many firsts?  


Last January, I could only have imagined the places I would go, the food I would eat, the drinks I would imbibe and the friends I would make. Here are just a few of the many…

First Breakfast in the Bush with Four-Footed Friends

Not only breakfast but every meal for a week in South Africa. Torpedoing across the country in an overnight luxury train that left us off at the foot of the continent. Never to be forgotten – seeing the Southern Cross in the heavens above, guiding us through our travels.

First Tree to Bar Bite

The Caribbean island of Grenada was the first to welcome me to its shores. Tempted by the call of the annual Chocolate Festival, I believe even Odysseus could not resist. Never to be forgotten: stomping on knobbly bits that would eventually become the luxurious Grenadan chocolate I ate with gusto for a week straight.

First Easter Crawfish Boil

How fittin’ to be invited to a Crawfish Boil in New Orleans on Easter Sunday – a city full of excess, trumpets, alcohol, and hospitality. Never to be forgotten: Trying to convince a Southerner that I wasn’t called Miss Susan up North.

First Home on the Range

A dream was fulfilled when I stood cowboy-booted on a ranch, surrounded by the glorious wild Mustangs at Mustang Monument Eco-Resort in the glorious Nevada plains. Never to be forgotten: Meeting a cowboy whose real name is Clay!


As Clay and I ride into 2016, one thing I have learned this year is that, no matter what you think you’ve experienced, the best may still be ahead. Bring it on, 2016!

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