Alessandro Palazzi – Dukes Hotel, London

Alessandro Palazzi – Dukes Hotel, London

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Of course, it would take a suave Italian to understand the suavest of drinks. Whether Gin or Vodka, Alessandro Palazzi of Dukes London shakes, stirs and shapes every Martini served at Ian Fleming’s favorite bar in London.

James Bond – we all know what car he drives and his drink of choice. Even I use his famous tagline in my intro! But this man must hear, shaken not stirred more than any other, Alessandro Palazzi, the martini maker extraordinaire at Dukes London, Ian Fleming’s home away from home and the most famous Martini bar in the world.

As the Martini is one of my favorite cocktails, I was thrilled to sit down with the man who makes them for a living.

Needless to say, you can’t visit Dukes London without having their signature drink.


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