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Guest Bit: A Bit of…A Lady in London


I met Julie Falconer, the Lady of “A Lady in London,” at the very specific Guardian masterclass, “How to Create and Manage a Successful Travel Blog.” She was teaching and I was learning. Although Best Bits Worldwide was already up and running, she led me through the many nuances and intricacies of blogging that I might never have conquered on my own.


Thanks to a fire alarm that landed us on the sidewalk for a good half hour, we passed the time chatting and we have remained friends to this day!  As she was so influential in my blogging career, I wanted her to be one of the first in my new series Guest Bits – where those in the know reveal their personal Best Bits Worldwide!

  • Where do you feel you really “savored the authentic” in your travels?

I like to think I’ve savored the authentic in every place I’ve traveled. I try to get under the skin of the places I go and discover what makes them unique in the world. It’s one of the things I like best about traveling.

  • Where do you feel you experienced the most luxurious travel bit – depending on your own definition of luxury?

I stayed in an amazing desert lodge in Little Kulala in Namibia, where each private bungalow had its own pool and the option of having a bed made up on the roof to sleep under the stars. It was the ultimate luxury in the desert, and years later I still consider it my favorite hotel in the world.

 (Little Kulala’s funky decor)

  • What keeps you going back to your favorite haunt/city/Best Bit?

Paris is my favorite city, and I go back over and over again because there is always something new to discover there. The city is so beautiful that even walking down the street is an experience in itself, and every time I go, there’s a new shop, restaurant, or museum to explore.

(Paris through A Lady in London’s eyes)

  •  If you had to pick one anywhere in the world, what would be your following Best Bits:

Best Bed: Little Kulala in Namibia

Best Bite: Zushi Puzzle, San Francisco

Best Brew: Quinta do Vallado, Portugal. Port wine in gorgeous surroundings of the Douro Valley.

Best Binge: A trip through Paris with a personal shopper. I couldn’t resist buying a pair of bespoke gloves. Every time I wear them, I still think of the trip!

Hotel Tugu, Bali
  •  Where have you left your heart?

Bali. I stayed at an amazing place called Hotel Tugu, where the hotel felt like a museum. Guests could eat any meal anywhere on the premises, and we had fun dining all over the grounds. I could have stayed forever!

Food & Drink

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Julie Falconer is a London-based travel writer and photographer. Originally from San Francisco, she began her career in finance before moving to the UK and launching an award-winning global travel blog called A Lady in London in 2007. Her travel writing and recommendations have also featured on National Geographic Intelligent Travel, Lonely Planet, BA High Life, Time Out, the Metro, and other leading travel and lifestyle publications. Her photography is regularly commissioned by Eater in the US, and she works with BBC Travel to share her photos of London through their Twitter and Instagram accounts.

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