It worked for our guest today, but I don’t recommend it unless of course you are as talented as he. Missing deadlines, ignoring briefs, but using his quick wits and competitive spirit, Michael Mann has rightfully garnered the title UK Brand Ambassador of Bols Genever and Galliano.   

We are also joined by Jess Mili, who didn’t miss deadlines, read her brief, and went on to beat 2,000 entrants from 75 countries, grabbing the title of Bols Around the World Champion. It was great to catch her in London as her year begins representing Lucas Bols around the world.

Genever, the precursor to Gin, is sampled in bars all over the Netherlands. Little shots of potent juniper-flavored spirit served morning, noon and night. It’s been around since the Dutch King William of Orange took the boat west in the 17th C, legalized its production, and allowed every Brit to own his own still. Today, we may have more of a penchant for Gin, but Michael and Jess are changing all of that by reintroducing us to the original.

Galliano, the number one liqueur sold in the USA in the 1970’s, is being exhumed from the cellar and dusted off to be used in newfangled cocktails. The old Harvey Wallbanger’s new BFF is Michael Mann!

You can catch Michael and me at Also Festival in Warwickshire the last weekend in June – talking Harvey Wallbangers and Espresso Martinis! If you want more information on Also Festival, please go to their website:

Where you can hear me drinking next:

Next week it’s from Holland to Flanders we jump. There, in the university town of Ghent, we’ll meet with Joerden and Tina who developed their grandmother’s elderflower liqueur into a national drink.


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