Learn how to make the best summer cocktail of the season!

Learn how to make the best summer cocktail of the season!

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Have you been on holiday and want to bring a bit of that sunshine home with you?  On my last trip to Menorca, I met our guest today, Maria Teixidor, at the distillery of Gin Xoriguer in the capital city of Mahon. We discussed the history of gin on the island and how the Pomada became their go-to summer cocktail.

The Spanish drink more gin than anyone in the world. Yes, more than the British. They may have brought it with them in the 1700s, but the Menorcans have claimed it as their own. Mahon gin has been on the menu since that time and the Pomada is the drink of choice.

Gin Xoriguer, in its iconic bottle, is seen (and sipped) all over the world, on and off the island, for the past 350 years. Made from a grape-based spirit (vinic alcohol), this gin is different from the usual grain-based gin we are familiar with in the UK. Needless to say, it combines perfectly with lemon and, thus, the Pomada was born.

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